Fearing for loss of Hindu votes, PM Modi maintains silence over Afrazul killing

Narendra Modi

Why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is maintaining complete  silence on the horrific hate crime in which  Shambhulal Regar murdered migrant labourer Mohammed Afrazul and circulated videos of the killing on social media further warning to Muslims over love jihad.

Modi who refer to himself as the core nationalist leader, chooses not to speak on this hate crime lest he may lose Hindutva votes in Gujarat assembly elections and elsewhere throughout India. This is not the first time that PM Modi has given approval to this type of hate crime incidents by Hindu extremists or fringe elements by keeping silent as it started in 2015 itself after BJP captured power at the centre with the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq on  suspicion of slaughtering a cow and consuming its meat.

Then, these types of lynching incidents  which is a common phenomena in Muslim Countries especially Pakistan, became routine incidents in which Dalit youths were also targeted by vigilantes across the country particularly in the BJP ruled states.

Nowadays, PM Modi is seen giving passionate speeches for being questioned by Mani Shankar Aiyar and some other Congressmen on his lowest level  thinking and his being lowborn.

Modi never fails to lure youths by his Mann K Baat but he always avoids speaking on the major problems that India is now facing.

Now the reports have emerged that  the brutal murder of labourer Mohammed Afrazul is being hailed in WhatsApp groups in Rajsamand, including one in which the local BJP MLA and MP are members.

PM Narendra Modi and BJP cannot equate such type of mentality (hate crime) as the credentials for being a nationalist and Hindutva.

On one side PM Modi categorizes BJP for contesting elections on Vikas (development)  and progress of India but on the contrary he secretly conspires by giving freedom to his chief ministers, RSS men, MPs and MLAs, fringe elements  to threaten or kill the minorities on the excuse of cow slaughter, love jihad.

It is better to not transform the society of India on the lines of Pakistan who is assisting jihadists and extremists like Hafiz Saeed into the main stream politics.

It is high time  that PM Modi realizes the blunders he had committed as China has already leaped forward under President Xi Jinping and India has disintegrated under BJP’s rule on the lines of religion and communities.



By: Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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