FBI detains expert who stopped ransomware virus


Washington, Aug 4: The FBI has detained a computer expert who can stop the “WannaCry” ransomware computer virus spread in May that had affected computers of key public services and many businesses across the world.

Department of Justice spokesman said – The 23-year-old Briton Marcus Hutchins, who runs a security blog called MalwareTech was arrested in Las Vegas for “his role in creating and distributing the Kronos banking trojan virus.”

The allege conducted between July 2014 to July 2015.

The Eastern District of Wisconsin returned a six count indictment against Hutchins on July 12.

The trojan virus stole information and put malicious code on victims computers.

Hutchins became an instant hero when he helped stop WannaCry.

The ransomware locked demanded $300 to get files back when hundreds of thousands of computers were infected.

Hutchins, who is also malware researcher at the Kryptos Logic security firm, created a killswitch that prevented the spread of the virus.

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