Father of Modernism: A Tribute To Rabindranath Tagore


Rabindranath Tagore’s legacy and contribution to the field of Bengali and English Literature can be gauged from the respect his name demands at every utterance. There are no events to mark the 75th death anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore.


He died on August 7, 1941, after suffering from a prolonged period of illness and chronic pain. Seventy-five years is not just three quarters of a century which is the reason why normally that number is being singled out for celebration. Seventy-five years represent the average life-span of a person.

Tagore received his early education at home, his elder brother served as Rabindrantah’s tutor as he was made to learn subjects like geography, literature, history, Sanskrit and English. He was married at the age of ten and used to travel with his father across the region and paid visit to his family estates where he studied about different other subjects.


A significant period of his famous literary works came between the period of four years, from 1891-1895. Tagore’s Manasi poems and a number of volumes of the Galpaguchchha were released during this period.

He wrote eight novels, including Chaturunga, Gora, Char Odhay, Noukadubi, Joga jog and Shesher Kobita. His novels cater to a number of topics such as Indian nationalism, religion, sacrifice, poverty etc.

His acclaimed volumes of poetry include Manasi, Gitanjali, Sonar Tari, Balanka and Gitimalya. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913 and became the first non-European to achieve the feat. The national anthems of India and Bangladesh were works of Tagore.


Galpaguchchha, Atithi, Strir Patra, Haimanti, Musalmani Didi are among his famous stories. A number of plays and movies have been based on his writings. Tagore renounced his knighthood title which he was given by the King George V in 1915.

It is not a habit in India to commemorate great men and women on their death anniversaries. Birthdays are great occasions for celebration and re-dedication, but not the day of death.

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