Farmers on Streets: Rahul appeals PM Modi to not stand on ego and accept Farmer’s demands

Kisan Long March
Kisan Long March

As thousands of farmers, today gathered in the Azad Maidan of Maharashtra after marching almost 200 km from Nashik to Mumbai demanding full loan waive and implementation of Swaminathan report, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi showed his solidarity with them.

Rahul Gandhi said, “This is not an issue of Maharashtra farmers alone but of farmers all over India.”

The mammoth Farmers March To Mumbai is a stunning example of people’s power. The Congress party stands with the Farmers & Tribals marching to protest against the Central & State Govts. apathy. I appeal to PM Modi and the CM to not stand on ego and to accept their just demands.

The march does not only have farmers but thousands of them are tribals who have also participated to demand their land rights.

The farmers in the rally claim that they have got a message of loan waive in their phone but when they approached the concerned banks to show that message but the banks denied saying that they haven’t got any information like that.

The farmers will encircle the Maharashtra assembly so that the lawmakers would hear their demand.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time when the ‘Annadatas’ of the country took to the streets, since many years the country is witnessing farmers protest.


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