Facebook test auto-shares Instagram Stories to your news feed

Facebook and Instgram
Facebook and Instgram

San Francisco, Sep 5: Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature that gives users the option to view Instagram Stories from within Facebook, thereby removing the need to manually crosspost.

To see Instagram Stories on Facebook as part of the test, people will have to link their two accounts.

Only people who follow you on Instagram will be able see your Stories on Facebook.

The change was first spotted by @ec_wife on Twitter, according to a report in The Next Web (TNW) on Friday.

Facebook later confirmed the test to social media consultant Matt Navarra.

The social media network said that the feature will not transgress user privacy as Instagram users can choose not to have their Stories visible on Facebook.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last year announced plans to integrate the messaging services of the company’s family of apps.

For example, Instagram and Facebook Messenger recently began merging their chat functionalities. It is expected that WhatsApp will also eventually be part of the integration.

As part of the latest efforts to make it easier to share Instagram Stories, the platform is allowing users who are part of the test to know where the post was first shared.

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