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France bans extremely thin models



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Paris, May 6:  A law in France which bans featuring extremely thin fashion models has come into effect, the media reported.

According to the law that came into effect on Friday, models will need to provide a doctor’s certificate attesting to their overall physical health, with special regard to their body mass index (BMI) – a measure of weight in relation to height, the BBC reported.

The Health Ministry says the aim of the law is to fight eating disorders and inaccessible ideals of beauty.

Digitally altered photos will also have to be labelled and images, where a model’s appearance has been manipulated will need to be marked “photographie retouchee” (retouched photograph).

Employers breaking the law could face fines of up to 75,000 euros ($82,000) and up to six months in jail.

France is not the first country to legislate on underweight models – Italy, Spain and Israel have all done so.

Anorexia affects between 30,000 to 40,000 people in France, 90 per cent women, according to health ministry figures.



How to pick scents according to season




New Delhi, Aug 3: Today’s youth have been indulging themselves to take care of their skin very diligently and meticulously by using different creams, moisturizers and nourishers according to their skin and seasons. Similarly, your deodorant too needs changes with variations in seasons.

“This is very true that we need to change our deodorants depending on changing seasons. A deodorant should give utmost satisfaction and contentment every season. The dynamic needs of the consumers and the market have made us introduce Auto-Pause Technology in our ENVY Deodorants. This Technology makes the deodorant know how much you need with each spray, ” Explains Saurabh Gupta, Director, Vanesa Care (ENVY & Denver Deodorant).

Dilip Kundlia and Saurabh Gupta, Founder, Oshea Herbals and Vanesa Care roll out some tips to pick the right deodorants according to seasons.

* The blossoming flowers and the romantic season of spring kindle our body to choose some oriental fragrances for the men and floral and bloomy fragrances for the women. This invigorates the inner charisma of people making them more refreshed and energized throughout the day.

* The scorching heat and searing winds of the summer season make it unbearable and excruciating to stand this season. The active sweat glands of our body long for some deodorants that give a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation. Notes like citrus, aquatic and marine are ideal to use in the summer season.

* The fall or the transition of summer to winter marks the onset of autumn by cooling down the temperature substantially. This season also requires a fragrance with refreshing notes. The shedding of the tree leaves make the season to be a bit gloomy, therefore energize the inner you by stimulating and bracing yourself with some magnificent notes.

* Winter: During this season, we must choose deodorants which have heavy notes like oud & amber which shall give an indelible fragrance while being cozy in your knit wears.


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Benefits of lipstick




New Delhi, July 30: Lipstick is surely a go-to makeup, whether it is a quick fix or for a much detailed party look. It is the most important makeup that instantly changes the face from looking drab to diva and also has some skin benefits.

Bhavya Chawla, Chief Stylist, Voonik and Vishal Mudgal, Make-up Expert, VLCC shares some benefits of Lipsticks:

* A lot of lipsticks that have sun protection ingredients protect your lips from the harmful UV rays.

* Lipstick provides hydration as it has ingredients like Aloe Vera and/or vitamin E.

* Lipstick defines your lips and brightens your smile, provided you choose the right shade.

* Wearing a lipstick can complete your look, whether it is about looking more credible at a professional setting or more sexy for a date night.

* Women who wear lipstick feel more confident and powerful. As a matter of fact, they are usually perceived by others as being more attractive, and in control.

* Lipstick is also a mood enhancer, which lifts our spirits during tough times. It instantly makes us feel empowered.

* Lipsticks speak a lot about ones personality. While most of us (I am sure you all would agree) will have dozens of lip colours, there will be 3-4 pet colours most used and easily worn almost everywhere.

* Lipstick if chosen correctly can enhance your complexion. First, it is important to understand your skin undertone, whether it’s cool or warm or neutral.


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India Couture Week: Rohit Bal gives couture twist to Kashmir’s floral beauty



India Couture Week

New Delhi, July 30: Sunflowers, poppies, tulips and peonies — the floral beauty of Kashmir has been encapsulated in Guldastah, an ornate couture line by ace designer Rohit Bal, who has Kashmiri heritage.

Bal showcased the collection of bespoke womenswear and menswear as the closing show of a couture gala in the capital on Sunday night, and he received a standing ovation as he did his trademark jig on the ramp to take a bow.

The elaborate yet highly wearable ensembles reflected Bal’s inherent fascination with the beauty of Kashmir.

India Couture Week

In an earlier interview to news agency IANS, Bal had said the beauty and passion of Kashmir have always been the driving force behind his work and artistry, and “no matter what I do, it will have a bit of Kashmir in it”.

He has kept his word.

From thread embroidery to gold wire and zardozi, the design veteran has tried to create the flowers in realistic, artistic and imaginative techniques.

India Couture Week

These are inspired by botanical paintings and works by some of the great masters of the renaissance period, creating a canvas of vibrant colours and artistic shapes on organic, cotton silk blends, chanderis, silk organzas, silks and velvets.

The floral prints have been given a vintage feel and done on both traditional and contemporary silhouettes, which ranged from being flowy and flared, as well as form-fitted and structured.

With ivory and black as base colours, bursts of vibrant shades coming alive in the form of large and oversized flowers, lend style and drama to the clothes.

The show was attended by popular names like Ritu Kumar, Rohit Gandhi, Rahul Khanna, Shahnaz Husain and Varun Bahl.


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