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France bans extremely thin models



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Paris, May 6:  A law in France which bans featuring extremely thin fashion models has come into effect, the media reported.

According to the law that came into effect on Friday, models will need to provide a doctor’s certificate attesting to their overall physical health, with special regard to their body mass index (BMI) – a measure of weight in relation to height, the BBC reported.

The Health Ministry says the aim of the law is to fight eating disorders and inaccessible ideals of beauty.

Digitally altered photos will also have to be labelled and images, where a model’s appearance has been manipulated will need to be marked “photographie retouchee” (retouched photograph).

Employers breaking the law could face fines of up to 75,000 euros ($82,000) and up to six months in jail.

France is not the first country to legislate on underweight models – Italy, Spain and Israel have all done so.

Anorexia affects between 30,000 to 40,000 people in France, 90 per cent women, according to health ministry figures.



Explore the art of fusion this Diwali




New Delhi, Nov 2: With the number of trends increasing by the day and everyone following them, it has become necessary to bring a twist. Try fusion wear this Diwali and steal the show.

Tanvi Malik- Co-founder of FabAlley and Indya lists some options.

*A statement-making trend of the season is tunic and crop top with voluminous and dramatic sleeves.

*Dhoti pant paired with gorgeous peplum tops is one of the most popular fusion styles.

*High Slit tunic paired with a gorgeous maxi skirt gives a very fusion edge to your outfit.

*Beautifully structured and tailored dhoti pant paired with short tunic and crop top and statement jewellery is the staple fusion look this festive season.

*Ethnic skirt with intricate details paired with solid satin shirts is also one of the signature festive look this year.

*Layered tunic with attached skirt is a festive trend that is gaining popularity.

*Forward falling attached dupattas, embellished or sheer capes and detailed ponchos are going to be the major game changers in the ethnic wear segment this festive season.

Neha Bhasin, the Creative Director of Jabong too has some inputs to share:

*Fusion has taken over fashion space all over the globe since the last few seasons, and finding clothes with an ethnic touch, be it Indian or any other cultural motif, is something all the fashion ‘IT’ girls are wearing the world over.

* Pair a choli with a maxi aztec skirt, or go a little more demure with an anarkali worn as a dress and sneakers on your feet.

*An embroidered top tucked into high-waisted jeans, or even a kitschy printed saree draped over pants the way all the cool girls in B-town are doing it.

* Just remember you can never go wrong no matter what you pick, for there’s nothing too OTT in today’s fashion landscape.


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Halloween make up: Quick tips, tricks to keep in mind



Halloween Party
Halloween Party

New Delhi, Oct 30: Halloween celebrations in India are on the rise, thanks to the young and cosmopolitan crowd. If you are attending such an event and have your costume sorted but wondering about the make up, make sure you are getting few tricks in place.

Bhavya Chawla, Cheif Stylist at Voonik and Dilip Kundlia, Beauty Expert and Director of Oshea Herbals shares some quick tips and tricks for you to keep in mind.

* Skin test: First step to trying anything new on your face is to do a skin test at least 24 hours prior. Though one doesn’t have to spend on expensive makeup for one day, make sure you buy approved makeup for face.

* Base: Let’s start with the base. If you are dressing up as a zombie, ghost, witch, vampire or a mummy, go for a pale look. Your base should be a few shades lighter than your skin tone to achieve this. For other looks, your regular base should be fine.

* Eyes: First thing, people look at the eyes, so make sure your eye makeup is good. Dark Gray or Black eyeshadow suit most of the dark characters. Just play around with the shapes according to your costume. Deep red blended with black is perfect for a Vampire. A Mermaid or a Fairy offer a good opportunity for one to show off their colorful eyeshadow palette especially blues and greens. One can also use crystal stones or tattoos around the eyes. If you are comfortable with lenses, adding colored ones would take your costume a notch higher.

* Hair: Your hair depends on the costume. You can buy or hire a colorful, fancy wig at very reasonable prices from party shops or online. If you don’t plan to use wigs, then you can use a hairspray to set your hair. Colored and sparkly hairspray can also be used which are available in the market.

* Lips: Red, Burgundy, Black, Purple are shades for the Halloween season. Apart from these basic shades, gold and shimmery lips can also be played with. A quick tip is to outline the lips with eyeliner pencil to check if you are happy with the shade, as they are easy to remove and smudge less than your lip color.

* Don’t forget the nails!! Once again, perfect opportunity to get creative with all those colors & nail art, you have been collecting over the years. If you don’t feel like spending too much time on nails, black or white should do the trick.

* Don’t forget that it is equally important for you to get rid of that makeup too replace coconut oil with Make up remover. The presence of harsh and punitive chemicals on your skin for prolonged hours, needs moisturization and rejuvenation. So, use coconut oil or jojoba oil to remove that excess from your skin for it to breathe and be smooth, once again.

* Apply cold cream or wipes on your skin as it shall help in removing the halloween make up. Cold Cream shall nourish the effects of the makeup on your skin thereby giving soft skin.

* You can also apply baby lotion on your skin as it shall prevent your skin from drying. The lotion shall avert the pores from clogging. Petroleum Jelly can also be used but make sure you wash your face thoroughly afterwards.

* Using dark colors on skin can leave a stain or impression on your skin. In such cases, people with sensitive and delicate skin can use toothpaste as a rescuer from getting liberated from these colours. A paste of water and baking soda can also be used.


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Bewitching last minute Halloween looks




New Delhi, Oct 30: Waited till the last minute to dress-up for Halloween parties? Fear not as experts suggest some of the slickest looks you can don with perfection this Halloween.

TIGI’s Educator – Audrey D’Souza and Anupma Katyal, National Creative Director – Makeup, Lakmé Salon decode three of Hollywood’s most iconic characters to give you Halloween looks that are bewitching!

* Nina Sayers in ‘Black Swan’: Bring out your dark side by transforming into the mysterious and beautiful ballet queen.

* Hair decode:

* Start with slightly damp hair. In the palm of your hand, mix together sculpting gel and a dab of conditioner (so the gel won’t harden). Apply the mixture to your roots and drag it through to the ends. Be sure to get around your whole hairline, including the back of your neck, to prevent flyaway. And use a good amount of product – enough to make your hair feel almost wet
* Using a boar bristle brush, tightly gather hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head. Gaze at the ceiling and lift your chin as you brush to ensure the strands at the nape of your neck stay taut. Secure with an elastic
* Brush more gel through the entire ponytail so it’s super smooth. Then wrap your hair around the base of the pony to create a bun. Tuck the ends under, and secure with bobby pins
* If you notice any stray hairs sticking out, pat a little gel on them so they’ll lie flat. Finally, mist shine spray all over for a sleek, glassy look that catches the light

* Make up decode

* The look has a lot of focus and detailing on the eyes
* Prep your entire eyelid from the inner corner till the end of your eyebrows to give an even base to layer eye shadow on evenly. Take a blending brush and fluff on a matte eyeshadow matching your skin tone to set the primer
* Take a highly pigmented matte black eyeshadow and cover the entire eyelid from the inner corner to the end of your eyebrow
* On a flat brush spray some setting spray and dip into dark grey glitter pigment or eyeshadow, coat the eyelid with the silver eyeshadow and extend it till the end of your eyebrows right where the black eyeshadow ends
* At the inner corner portion extend the eye liner to a sharp beak like curve at the lower lid of the eye
Finish the look with a black gel eyeliner, line your eyelid and end it with an exaggerated wing. Enhance your brows with an eyebrow gel in black to achieve bold brows to match the eyeshadow look
* Keep the lip simple with a deep matte red to complement the eye look
* The base has been kept clean with only a pore filling primer and foundation
* Elevate the eye look by adding black rhinestones right under the brow or use false eyelashes with feather detailing

* Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter: This one’s for all the curly haired women, and all Potterheads!

* Hair decode:
* Apply a strong hold styling mousse throughout detangled, wet hair
* Curl the hair by using curlers
* Use a volumizing hairspray
* Pull hair up into a half up ponytail on the top right side of your head and secure very loosely with a hair tie and bobby pins.

* Make up Decode:

* Bellatrix has a very strong look but the colours used are primarily various shades and tones of brown
* Prime your eyes with an eye primer or concealer and set it with an eyeshadow matching your skin colour
* Use a matte light pink eyeshadow on the edge of the eye and extended the light brown eyeshadow out on the inner corner of the eye
* Take a brown matte eye shadow on a flat brush and line your eyelid create an exaggerated wing going up to your hairline
* On the inner corner extend the eyeliner downward along the bridge of the nose to create an illusion of a sharp inner corner
* Line your waterline with a brown eye pencil to complete the eye look
* For lips use a brown nude lipstick with a satin finish
* For the base use a pore filling primer and a matte foundation. Finish the face look with a sharp line of couture right below the cheek bone to give a fierce look and an illusion of sharp cheekbones

* Alice from ‘Alice In Wonderland’ : This is for those who like to wonder and let their imagination go wild!

* Hair decode:
* Start with washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner for bouncy shiny hair
* Next on damp hair, spritz texturing spray to give structure and volume to your waves. This will also keep frizz at bay
* Twirl or scrunch individual sections of hair for more defined waves. You can also braid your hair and leave it overnight for defined waves
* If you have super straight hair then using curling tongs, wrap sections of fully dried hair to create soft waves
* Finish off with a hair spray to avoid flyaway and keep the hair in place

* Make up decode:

* This look is very simple and easy to achieve, start by priming your eyelids and set it with an eyeshadow darker than your skin colour to give your eyes some depth
* Use a pore filling primer to create an even base for the foundation
* Use an illuminating foundation and buff it out on the skin with a dense blending brush
* On cheeks use a light pink blush to add some colour to the face
* For the lips keep it light with a nude lipstick with an orange undertone

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