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Exercise helps boost heart failure patients’ memory




Heart patients who exercise regularly and have better fitness are likely to have less cognitive impairment, says a study. Fitter patients have better memory, it adds.

“The message for the patients with heart failure is to do exercises,” said study author Ercole Vellone, Professor at University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy.

The study analysed data from over 600 male patients, aged 67-71 years, with heart failure from six countries. During the research, the “Montreal Cognitive Assessment” test was used to measure cognitive function and exercise capacity was measured with a six-minute walk test.

The results showed the younger and better educated heart failure patients with better fitness were significantly less likely to have cognitive impairment.

Two-thirds of the patients with heart failure had cognitive problems, showed the study, presented at the EuroHeartCare 2019, a scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), held in Milan, Italy, from May 2 to May 4.

According to the study, cognitive dysfunction is a common problem in the patients with heart failure with 67 per cent reporting at least mild impairment

“There is a misconception that patients with heart failure should not exercise. That is clearly not the case,” Vellone said.

“Find an activity you enjoy and which you can do regularly. It could be walking, swimming or any other activities. There is good evidence that it will improve your health and memory, and make you feel better,” Vellone said.


FDCI and LFW come together to battle COVID-19 crisis




corona tests laboratory

New Delhi, April 2 : To help fight the repercussions of the nationwide lockdown in order to contain the ongoing pandemic, the fashion fraternity has come together to lend support for those most affected by it.

The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) has set up COVID-19 Support Fund (CSF by FDCI), which is supported by the who’s who of the industry. The latest to a long list of names of contributors is the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW).

Sunil Sethi, Chairman, FDCI, commented: “We started this initiative a week ago where the seed money was put in by the board members and we were encouraged by certain eminent designers who also offered some support without us seeking support. Support to the cause started coming from all the directions, including non-industry members as well. It is a joint effort, started by the FDCI where we have got support from the LFW team and we are happy about that.”

“In this time of crisis, our fraternity has to come together. LFW’s support is very much welcomed and we respect the fact that they have come forth in a very positive way. This sends a very positive message to the industry that we are one in times of a crisis,” Sethi added.

Jaspreet Chandok, Head of lifestyle business, IMG Reliance commented: “In these depressed times, we feel it is important for the industry to stand together rather than be divided. We are glad that the FDCI has started this fund and we hope that it will help assist some of the most talented young designers to weather these difficult times. We hope this endorsement will lead to better fundraising at their end and we are sure the FDCI will make the right decisions in its usage.”

Chandok further stated, “Additionally we will be looking at further support and input measures for the industry from our end when Lakme Fashion Week happens later in the year once we can also assess the overall impact.”

The FDCI is working on the criteria by which it will select recipients of the fund. But mostly young designers who have been in the industry for a couple of years will be selected, informed Sethi.

“Until the lockdown period is up, nobody is aware what is going to be the repercussion of that. After that if the sales are slow, if the shops are not getting any customers, if the orders are cancelled and if the stocks keep piling up – it is for that time that. We are laying out the criteria. A lawyer is on board and the FDCI team is coming up with various suggestions. But it will mostly be opened for the younger designer who has been there for a year or two and has been involved either as a FDCI member or even if they have taken part in other shows or they have a collection. It is not for somebody who is going to be a start-up.

He added: “Qualified people will decide who will be the recipients and this will be a transparent process. We have also proposed to make it a trust.”

(Puja Gupta can be contacted at [email protected])

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Haryana bans pan masala, gutkha for 1 year




Gurugram, April 2 : The Haryana state Food and Drugs Administration on Wednesday slapped a one-year ban on the selling and manufacturing of gutkha and pan masala in view of spread of COVID-19 in the state.

The ban was directed by the Commissioner of Food and Drugs Administration who has directed all districts to comply and implement his orders strictly.

“The letter said, in exercise of section-30 of the Food and Safety and Standard act, 2006, Commissioner Food and Drugs Administration of Haryana, has prohibited in the interest of public health and banned the manufacture, storage distribution or sale of tobacco which is either flavoured, scented or mixed with any addictive in view of spread of COVID-19 in Haryana state”, said RS Sangwan, DPRO of Gurugram.

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Now, TV’s other ‘Ramayan’ returns on Ram Navami

The 56-episode “Ramayan” is directed by Mukesh Singh, Pawan Parkhi and Rajesh Shikhre.




Ramayana TV Serial

Mumbai, April 1 : With Ramanand Sagar’s popular eighties mythological serial “Ramayan” returning on Doordarshan to entertain viewers amid the nationwide lockdown, another “Ramayan”, which had originally released in 2012 on Zee Tv, is also set to re-telecast from Ram Navami on April 2.

The show, which ran from August 12, 2012 to September 1, 2013, casts Gagan Malik as Ram, Neha Sargam as Sita, Malhar Pandya as Hanuman
and Sachin Tyagi as Ravan. It also features familiar faces such as Shikha Swaroop, Rucha Gujarathi and Divyanka Tripathi in various roles.

The 56-episode “Ramayan” is directed by Mukesh Singh, Pawan Parkhi and Rajesh Shikhre.

” ‘Ramayan’ undoubtedly is one of the greatest and timeless Indian epic tales, read and loved by all. What better day to celebrate this eternal saga of Lord Ram than Ram Navami itself? Knowing the devotional fervour with which families across India celebrate this day, this year amidst the countrywide lockdown, we chose to bring Lord Ram closer to our viewer’s hearts and homes through this show,” said Vishnu Shankar, Business Head, &TV.

“As the entire country unitedly fights the threat amidst us, there’s nothing better to bring the entire family together than this epic battle between good and evil,” he added.

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