EVMs can be manipulated, Election Commission should safeguard the Constitution: Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal
Kapil Sibal on Electoral Reform in Rajya Sabha

New Delhi,July 3 : Raising the issue of EVM manipulation, Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal in Rajya Sabha, stressed that Election Commission’s duty is to safeguard the Constitution by conducting free and fair election and cited German constitutional court verdict that “voting by EVMs unconstitutional and unlawful.”

“Institutions have been formed to safeguard the constitution of India and if the institution i.e. the election commission in question stops protecting, then the constitution is in trouble , and what happens there will be a damage.Our objection to the EVMs are principled we are standing on that road where institutions that we formed to safeguard the Constitution,” Sibal said.


“Election Commission is the master for the elections to take place in the country and if that do not take action then constitution will be damaged and consequently ours, voting machine is a counting machine, when we vote to a parlticular party and a candidate through EVM, we dont know whether the vote has been counted on that candidate or other. VVPAT is an independent system attached to an EVM and When a vote is cast, a slip is printed on the VVPAT printer is of ECL and Bharat Electronics Ltd which is out sourced,” the Congress leader revealed.

After elaborating on the tampering of the EVMs, Sibal said, German constitutional court in 2009 declared voting by EVMs unconstitutional and unlawful.” Sibal said, “The German court said that the process of the voting should be which is easily understandable, verifiable and controllable by even the common man.”

Citing the example of several European countries, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal said that many nations in the world do not use the Electronic Voting Machines to conduct elections.

“A minister in 2018 was asked in an event in economic times that your government is in backfoot, the minister said in 2013 a survey was conducted and in 2014 BJP will win with full mandate and again the minister said the survey has been conducted and in 2019 Lok sabha we will get 303 .”

” I want to know what is the connectivity and I want that you should share the secret with Congress as well so that we also come to know how many seats will be won, eight months before the elections,” Sibal said.

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