EVM Hacking: BJP leader Reddy Rubbishes Murder Allegation Against Him

New Delhi, Jan 22: Telangana BJP leader and former MLA G Kishan Reddy denied the murder allegations levelled against him by a man identified as Syed Shuja.

“A man named Syed Shuja made allegations against me in London yesterday, in front of Congress party’s Kapil Sibal, that my friends and I killed 11 people in Hyderabad. It was your government then. Your officers were working at that time, how could I kill 11 ppl over tampering issue?,” Reddy said.

Reddy demanded a high-level inquiry after Syed Shuja, a self-proclaimed cyber expert based in the US,has alleged that Reddy and his men killed 11 people in Hyderabad.

” I don’t have a criminal record and I demand high-level inquiry.If I could tamper with EVM I would have been Telangana CM. How did Congress win MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan if EVMs were tampered with?Congress leaders committed murders in Telangana and Andhra,I’m not like them,” Reddy said..

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