Even Lord Ram Can’t Stop Rapes: BJP Lawmaker


Lucknow, July 8: Defending Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh, BJP lawmaker Surendra Singh has issued a controversial statement that “even Lord Ram won’t be able to stop rapes.”

“I can say this with full confidence that even Lord Ram will not be able to prevent such instances. This is natural pollution, which has not left anybody untouched. It is people’s responsibility to treat others as their family, as their sisters. We can only control it through values, not the constitution,” said the BJP MLA, when asked about the rising rape incidents in Uttar Pradesh.

Singh is not unknown to controversy as BJP lawmaker had earlier made statements like “prostitutes are better than government officers” and had blamed parents and teenagers using smart-phones for rising rape cases in the country .

He has even openly supported  BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar, who is presently in Sitapur jail in regard to the Unnao rape case.
Singh then said no one can rape a mother of three children.
“I am speaking from psychological point of view; no one can rape a mother of three children. It is not possible, this is a conspiracy against him (Kuldeep Singh Sengar),” he told  adding, “Yes maybe her father was thrashed by some people but I refuse to believe rape charge.”

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