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End terrorism from Pakistan for Afghanistan peace: India

“Respect for human rights and democracy needs to be ingrained in any framework that a future Afghanistan designs for itself,” he said.



T S Tirumurti

United Nations: Under the shadow of the rushed US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, India on Friday warned that terrorism from across the Pakistan border must end for peace in the country.

India’s Permanent Representative T.S. Tirumurti, said at an informal meeting of the Security Council, “Afghanistan can succeed only when terrorism no longer flows across the Durand Line, the border with Pakistan.”

“It is important to ensure that no one provides sanctuary to terrorists who threaten Afghanistan or any other country in the region. Those who do so must be held accountable,” he said.

The recent targeted attacks on Afghan security forces, universities, women in positions of responsibility and youth “only serve to highlight the concerted effort by terrorists and their sponsors to erode the gains of the last two decades,” he said.

He said, “The international community, simply cannot, afford to lose the gains of the last two decades. The progress achieved so far is hard-won. The future which we seek should have a place for every Afghan and should have space for everyone’s aspiration.”

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani, who spoke earlier, said that terrorism continues despite Taliban’s assurances to break away from Al-Qaeda and other terror groups.

“I would request the Council to stress the effective and thorough implementation of sanctions regimes as a key instrument for the success of the negotiations with Taliban,” he said.

India, which will become an elected member of the Security Council, was invited in a transitional process to participate in the informal session, known as an Arria Formula meeting.

Tirumirti said, “We will be starting our tenure in the Security Council at a crucial juncture for Afghanistan. We extend our assurance that India will continue to provide all support to the Government and people of Afghanistan.”

The meetings of this type are held away from the Security Council, are not put on record, and usually held in private to allow frank discussions, especially on sensitive matters on which members may not be able to speak in public.

But Friday’s meeting was held online and broadcast by the UN.

Amid concern that the direct peace talks between the US and the Taliban were sidelining the elected Afghan government, Tirumurti said without a direct reference to it, “The peace process must be Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled. Solutions must come from the Afghans themselves, in line with the wishes and aspirations of all sections of Afghan society. Sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan must be respected.”

Like many of the speakers, Tirumurti called for protecting the rights of women and minorities that are in danger from the Taliban having a role in the government.

“Respect for human rights and democracy needs to be ingrained in any framework that a future Afghanistan designs for itself,” he said.

Noting the extensive assistance that India has given Afghanistan at the cost of Indian lives, he referred to Pakistan’s restrictions on India sending help to Afghanistan directly by land.

Without naming Islamabad, he said, “It is important to ensure that the issue of full transit rights to Afghanistan is not used by states to extract political price from Afghanistan. The international community should discourage medieval mentalities and work towards removal of artificial transit barriers imposed on Afghanistan.”

Representatives of Council members avoided direct mention of the US troop withdrawal by January 15 announced this week by Acting Defence Secretary Christopher Miller, who said that only a barebones force of 2,500 would remain in Afghanistan to protect US installations.

Laurel Miller, the Asia Director of the International Crisis Group, who gave a briefing said that the incoming presidential administration of Joe Biden could look back at some aspects of the agreement with the Taliban in view of the developments.


Farmers Protest: Ministers Tomar, Goyal meet at Amit Shah’s residence

Farmers’ protest against the Centre’s new farm legislation has entered 7th day. Government will hold another round of meeting with leaders of farmer unions on December 3.




Farmers and Students

The Delhi Chalo farmers’ protest at the Delhi border points has entered the seventh day and is set to continue as the talks between three Union Ministers — Piyush Goyal.

A day after “inconclusive” meeting with farmers, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal arrived at Home Minister Amit Shah’s residence to deliberate on the darmers’ protest, which entered seventh day on December 2.

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State must discard colonial notion of being sovereign: SC




Supreme Court

New Delhi, Dec 1 : The Supreme Court said on Tuesday that the state must discard the colonial notion that it is a sovereign entity handing out doles at its will. The remarks from the top court came as it rapped the Jharkhand government for depriving an industrial unit of its legitimate entitlement under an industrial policy.

A bench comprising Justices D.Y. Chandrachud and Indu Malhotra said: “Both the accountability of the state and the solemn obligation which it undertook in terms of the policy document militate against accepting such a notion of state power. The state must discard the colonial notion that it is a sovereign entity handing out doles at its will.”

The bench noted that the state having held out a solemn representation, it would be manifestly unfair and arbitrary to deprive industrial units within the state of their legitimate entitlement.

The bench emphasised that the state’s policies give rise to legitimate expectations that it will act according to what it puts forth in the public realm. “In all its actions, the state is bound to act fairly, in a transparent manner. A deprivation of the entitlement of private citizens and private business must be proportional to a requirement grounded in public interest,” noted the bench.

The dispute is connected to one of the clauses of the state’s 2012 Industrial Policy. The Clause 32.10 provided an exemption from the payment of 50 per cent of the electricity duty for a period of five years for captive power plants established for self-consumption or captive use.

The state had moved the top court challenging a high court order, which upheld the claim of Brahmputra Metallics Ltd that it was entitled to a rebate/deduction from electricity duty in terms of the representation held out in the Industrial Policy 2012, and that the denial of the exemption by the state government for FYs 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 was contrary to the doctrine of promissory estoppel.

The top court observed that in terms of Clause 35.7(b) of the Industrial Policy 2012, the entitlement ensues from the financial year following the commencement of production.

“The respondent commenced production on August 17, 2011. Hence, the order of the high court would have to be confirmed for FYs 2012-13 and 2013-14. In conclusion, we are in agreement with the conclusion of the high court that the respondent was entitled to an exemption from electricity duty, although for the reasons indicated in this judgment. Further, the relief granted would stand confined to FYs 2012-13 and 2013-14,” said the top court modifying the high court order.

The bench said that it is clear that the state had made a representation to the company and similarly situated industrial units under the Industrial Policy 2012. “This representation gave rise to a legitimate expectation on their behalf, that they would be offered a 50 per cent rebate/deduction in electricity duty for the next five years,” said the bench.

The bench noted that due to the failure of the state to issue a notification within the stipulated time and by the grant of the exemption only prospectively, the expectation and trust in the state stood violated.

“Since the state has offered no justification for the delay in issuance of the notification, or provided reasons for it being in public interest, we hold that such a course of action by the state is arbitrary and violative of Article 14,” said the top court.

The court did not agree to the state’s contention and answered in the affirmative on whether a private company was entitled to a rebate in electricity duty under the industrial policy.

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Shehla turned my wife, other daughter against me due to lust for money: Father




Shehla Rashid

New Delhi, Dec 1: Abdul Rashid Shora, the father of student activist Shehla Rashid, alleged on Tuesday that his daughetr has ultimately succeeded in cornering him by turning his wife and other daughter against him due to their lust for money.

Shora, who has accused his daughter Shehla, a former JNU student leader, of indulging in anti-national activities, issued a statement on Tuesday to clarify his stand on his daughter’s comments against him on Twitter.

“Since June 2017, when Shehla admitted to me of taking money from terror fund operators Zahoor Watalli and Rashid Engineer, a turbulent conflict had been going on in my home wherein Shehla ultimately succeeded in cornering me by turning my wife and other daughter against me due to their lust for money and with the support of anti-social elements like Saqib and others,” Shora said.

“The extreme was reached when through a petition filed in 3rd Add Munsif Srinagar, Shehla and her accomplices secured an order to oust me from my own house on 17th Nov, which was issued Ex-Parte without even hearing me, thus making mockery of justice,” Shora alleged in the statement.

“The order was modified by the appellante court and my rights were restored on 27th November. The local police seemed nearly helpless in implementing the court order in my favour and I was directly threatened for life by Shehla’s accomplices when I tried to enter my house as per the spirit of the court order,” he alleged.

“Fearing serious threat to my life, I had to run away from Srinagar. I was not even allowed to take my clothes along and on reaching Jammu, I approached the DGP, who was kind enough to listen to me and issued orders to the concerned officers for necessary legal action,” Shora said while narrating the events.

“I know that at 68, I cannot be as vocal and energetic to contest my 32-year-old JNU mislead, manipulative, media management expert daughter Shehla and her young accomplices, but I have a strong conviction that the truth will always prevails,” Shora said.

He alleged that misleading statements and efforts by Shehla and her associates are deviating the attention of the press, media and all concerned from the core issue of having been associated with notorious people to fulfill their anti-national agenda in Kashmir by falsely highlighting family dispute, which only arose due to her continuous misconduct at his home under the disguise of political activity for Kashmir during the last three years, i.e., after her association with terror funding accused started in Kashmir.

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