Encephalitis Claims 31 lives in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur

AES death in Bihar

Patna, June 12: As many as 31 children have died so far in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, reportedly due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES).

Sunil Shahi, Superintendent SKMCH, Muzaffarpur told news agency ANI, “From Jan to June 2, 13 patients were admitted, of them 3 died. From June 2 to this day 86 people were admitted,of them, 31 died”.

According to Health Department officials, after reports of more deaths of children from AES, the state government has introduced a verbal autopsy form to fix responsibility of lapses in treatment and referral. “We have a standard operating procedure for the treatment of AES,” said an official.

The Health Department has also issued an advisory urging parents to prevent their children from playing under the sun when the temperature is hovering between 42 to 43 degree Celsius.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said the Health Department was keeping a close watch and had directed people about the preventive measures. “Ahead of rains (monsoon), every year this disease creates havoc. It is a matter of concern that every year children die due to it.”

Acute Encephalitis Syndrome is a severe case of encephalitis transmitted by mosquitoes. It is characterised by high fever and inflammation of the brain.

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