Employees union blames Air India top brass for inaction over ‘criminal acts’

The union said that the forged letter has been circulated by vested elements and it is also presumed to be in the custody of the Air India CMD office.
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New Delhi, Aug 19 : The Air India Employees Union has blamed the top management of Air India for “inaction to nip criminal acts” in the curious case of an allegedly fake letter of the union being circulated, bringing out the internal bickering within the national carrier.

As it transpires, another letter was said to be forged in May before this letter for which the union is blaming the top management for inaction. The union has also blamed a senior official and a “coterie” and “vested elements” for circulating the latest letter.

“It is also a matter of regret that we are constrained to state/observe that it is the inaction of the top management of Air India, to nip such criminal acts that has emboldened the said elements to indulge in such criminal acts once again reflecting the sorry state of affairs,” said a letter by Air India Employees Union dated August 18 to Air India Chairman and Managing Director.

In the ongoing nasty and internecine battle within Air India between pilots and the management ahead of its divestment, new facts have emerged. Pressure groups and dirty tricks departments are using the battle within to create optics for public consumption.

An allegedly forged letter on the letterhead of employees’ union was found doing the rounds bearing the signatures of the President and General Secretary of the Union. The same two signatories on the same letterhead have now come forward citing that there was a forgery earlier too.

Air India Employees Union has written to Air India Chairman and Managing Director that a similar forgery took place on May 25, 2020 “which unfortunately the management has preferred to turn a blind eye to and remain silent.”

“In connection with the above, you are aware that we had earlier informed your office; of a similar forgery and fraud vide our letter dated May 25, which unfortunately the management has preferred to turn a blind eye to and remain silent. We make it explicitly clear that the said impugned letter bearing August 17, has not been issued by the undersigned, and we deny all the averments and contentions made in the said letter”, said the letter signed by V.H. Soans, President and R.A.B. Mani, General Secretary of Air India Employees Union.

Air India Employees Union has also said that this game plan has been hatched by a coterie to malign some senior officials.

“Further, it is pertinent to note that the impugned letter contains allegations against the Director Finance and Board Member, the Executive Director-SR and more importantly, the General Manager Finance-SR, Ravi Kumar, against whom the so-called GM-HR, GM-SR and GM-WR, A. Murugiyan has filed a complaint before the National Commission for Schedule Castes, Chennai and the Police authorities. We submit that it does not require a genius or a person of very high IQ to connect the dots and see the whole game plan has been hatched by the said coterie with the intention of maligning them”, the letter says with a reference to a “coterie”.

The union has also alleged that the said letter is a “red herring” to divert the management’s attention from the charges leveled against Capt A.K. Sharma, CEO, Air India Air Transport Service. “It is our considered opinion, that the impugned letter is nothing but a red herring, to divert your kind attention from our main/original complaint against the so-called CEO of AIASL Capt A.K. Sharma and his coterie, vide our letters April 22 and May 17, copies of which are lying ignored with your good office”, the letter said.

The union said the matter has gained illegal proportions with the “silence and inaction of the highest management”.

“Since the matter has such illegal and unhealthy proportions and due to the silence and inaction of the highest management to such criminal acts earlier has only emboldened them to indulge in such further acts, more specifically to tarnish, blackmail, obstruct public servants of high ranking in executing their legitimate duties, we submit that the onus of responsibility lies with your good office to have got the same investigated and hold you responsible, the unscrupulous/criminal elements, who have indulged in these criminal activities, by filing an F.I.R by the company for the same and to bring to book such criminal elements”, Air India Employees Union said.

The union said that the forged letter has been circulated by vested elements and it is also presumed to be in the custody of the Air India CMD office.

“We are in possession of another fake and forged letter, purportedly issued by us, on our letterhead and with our signatures, making allegations against senior executives of Air India, including a Board Member. The said impugned letter also contains a reference to the unfortunate crash at Kozhikode. You may be kindly aware that we as a responsible union have at all times in keeping with our prudent and responsible attitude, refrained from making any statement on such incidents, which has shaken our company. The said impugned document has already been circulated by vested elements, and we presume it is also in the custody of your office”, the union office bearers said.

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