Eliminate factors that contribute to the Law’s delay , says CJI Ranjan Gogoi

Justice Ranjan Gogoi

New Delhi, Oc 6 : Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi has laid down the guidelines so as to eliminate factors that have exacerbated the law’s delay in India while emphasizing that ‘quality lawyer population in India has to grow’ for quick verdicts in court cases.

“What is the lawyer population in India? About 13-14 lakh lawyers, that is not much. In the US, there is 1 lawyer for every 200 people but in India, it is one lawyer for every 1800 people. Lawyer-population ration has to grow,”Ranjan Gogoi said.

Concerned about the factors that contribute to the law’s delay,Chief Justice of India displayed his commitment towards  doing everything possible to ensure that  the huge number of pending cases can be tried and verdicts are delivered within a given time frame.

“Legal aid is a huge subject. In India, 67% of prisoners are undertrials, out of these undertrials, almost 47% are between 18-30 yrs, which means a large population of youth are under trials. Quality of lawyers who are offering legal aid needs to be improved,” Chief Justice of India said.

“The present trend of people taking the law in their own hands is largely the outcome of the law’s inordinate delay where civil cases involving property or matrimonial disputes can decades to be heard and judgement delivered,” he said.



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