Eleven members of a family found dead in Delhi’s Burari, Probe on

New Delhi, July 1 :In a shocking violent incident, 11 members of a family were found dead under suspicious circumstances in which 10 bodies  hanging with their mouths and eyes gagged in New Delhi’s Burari area on Sunday morning.Investigations are underway.

Ten of the bodies were blind-folded and gagged, and were found hanging from the ceiling of the house opposite Guru Govind Singh Hospital, police sources said.


Joint CP of Delhi said ” Bodies of 7 women and 4 men including three teenagers have been found. We are investigating form all possible angles we are not ruling out anything.”

This brutal incident of killing and the spurt in violent crime is sending shock waves among the people of Delhi.

The bodies include seven women and four men. They were all from the same family. The deceased include an elderly woman, her two sons, their wives and five children, besides the elderly woman’s daughter.

The elderly woman’s third son is a civil contractor in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.

All bodies were blindfolded and found hanging from a wire mesh, but some had their hands tied.The family owned a grocery shop near the local gurdwara and also ran a furniture business.



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