Elections are about welfare of Madhya Pradesh People: PM Modi

Shahdol, Nov 16: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that these elections are not about who would win or who won’t win, they are about the welfare of Madhya Pradesh people. 

“Pai-pai ka hisaab dena chahiye ki nahi dena chahiye? Ek hi parivaar ki chaar peediyon ne desh ko kya diya? Ek chaiwale ne chaar saal mein kya diya…Aao ho jaaye muqabala”, the Prime Ministewr said while ddressing a public meeting in Shahdol.

Earlier in a day, the Prime Minister had challenged the Congress to appoint someone from outside the Nehru-Gandhi family as party President for five years. He would then accept that Nehru had built a democracy legacy.

The Prime Minister’s attack came after Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s remarks while re-launching his book “Nehru: The Invention of India” on November 13 that a chaiwala became the Prime Minister because of Nehru’s policies and institution-building that provided for a democratic framework.

Modi said it will be good for the country if a person outside from the Nehru family became President of the Congress.

“I know it will be good when the country gets out of dynasty politics. But, they are not ready to give credit for this to the 1.25 crore people of this country that a chaiwala became the Prime Minister. They do not want to give credit to BJP and Modi. This is the result of their undemocratic thinking. For this too, they want to give its credit to Nehru,” he added.

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