Elderly Mumbai couple writes to President Kovind seeking active euthanasia

New Delhi, Jan 11: An elderly couple from Mumbai has wrote heart-wrenching letter to President Ram Nath Kovind seeking permission for an “active euthanasia”.

Narayan Lavate and his wife Iravati, who have no children and say their siblings are also no more, are of the view that keeping them alive against their wishes is a “waste of the country’s scarce resources as well as theirs”.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Lavate said “We are also of no use to the society now and cannot contribute anything to it, so we have written to the President to allow us for a doctor-assisted death”.

His wife, 79-years-old, who is former principal of a High School in the city, said that they decided not to have kids at the very initial stage of their life.

“At this stage of life we simply do not want to live. We don’t have hardship in our life but still we do not want to live,” she asserted.

Narayan Lavate further stated he had written a letter to the President because he has the constitutional power to pardon life sentences and should also have the power to allow ‘right to death’.


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