Edible flowers can make your food delicious

edible flowers

New Delhi, July 28: Flowers are generally known for its fragrance, colour, texture and mostly importantly they provide the soothing experience to the nerves.

Now, flowers provide one more reason to stare and thats food.

Mrinmoy Acharya, Head Chef, Ciclo Cafe in Gurugram and Pankaj Jha, Senior Executive Sous Chef at The Suryaa in the capital share the various ways to add the flowers with food to enhance their grace.

Its a beautiful garden flower with velvety petals comes in purple, yellow, blue and white. It adds taste to the dish by grapes and mint flavour. You can add these as garnish on chocolate tortes or while serving pastries or puddings.

Mild peppery flavour flower comes in bright yellow, orange colour and are easy-to-grow. Add them in salad by simply chopping them. You can also make desserts and appetisers more appetising by adding as a garnish.

Marigold of the sunflower family or calendula adds a lot to the plate because of its bright colour. Add it in custard to give a citrusy touch for a change.

*Crocus flower:
These are easy to grow and look extremely attractive in salads and main course. You can also mix this bud in beverages for flavouring and can also be used in making tea and wine.

*Snap Dragon:
This fragrant specimen come in vibrant colours like red, yellow, pink. Mix it with liqueur, cranberry and lots of ice to make a delicious drink or add to pizzas and pies to give a fresh twist.

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