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Easy steps to make garden at your home

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New Delhi, Feb 25:  Not everyone can make up a green lawn or space to bloom in their gardening tactics. But here an expert suggest you some easy steps as you can use fish pots, glass lamps, balls and bowls to create their own hanging gardens or reuse old furniture as garden desks.

Harpreet Ahluwalia, founder and principle designer at Earthly Creations, has informed simple ways to bloom a container garden.

garden *Hanging garden: Use fish pots, glass lamps, balls and bowls to create their own hanging gardens. This does not need much effort as it can be put up anywhere you want to. You just need to plant your favourites and hang them in your balcony, arches, patios and entrances. One can also use seashells that can be hung, decorated to give decor a complete new definition.
garden4* Old furniture turned garden desk: one who is having thought of replacing their furniture must give old one a new green look. You can go and place plants in the chest of drawers as well as on top. You can place it both inside and outside your room. Decorating it with nostalgic articles and making your space look more lively and green.vertical grden* Vertical garden: The simple trick to get this look is to place planters in small pots, cans or glass jars and affix them on wall through a wooden frame that give a bright sunny sight to the plain, monotonous wall. It will immediately capture the sight of the guests as well shows your creative side too.
thematic garden*Thematic garden: You can also go for a single theme like by having planters of same clan. For example in shape of birds, animals, letters, fruits and vegetables, or any other design that defines your personality or taste. It enhances your walls, balconies by just planting small planters requiring less water to dwell.

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