Driver’s suicide note alleges Janardhan Reddy of laundering Rs 100 crore black money


New Delhi, Dec 7: Former Minister and Mining tycoon G Janardhana Reddy laundered 100 crores of untaxed money, A driver in Karnataka alleged in his suicide note he wrote before killing himself.

Reddy did this ahead of his daughter’s wedding las month in which he spent almost 500 crore rupees. The wedding also made international headlines as this wedding happened after the demonetization move announced by the government.

The driver was identified as KC Ramesh who worked for a government official. According to his suicide note, he helped Reddy, for a 20 per cent commission, in his money-laundering.

A police case has been filed against the official, Bheema Nayak, for abetment of suicide. Another driver working for the official has also been named in the case. “This is a serious allegation, the government must look into it,” said the BJP’s Sidharth Nath Singh.

Reddy was a minister in the BJP government of BS Yeddyurappa and was removed after corruption charges on him in 2011.

Earlier, the event was raised in parliament by politicians who raised questions regarding the same in the midst of the cash crunch in India due to demonetization move.

Tax officials have asked Reddy and vendors who he hired to explain the costs and payments.

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