Don’t repeat 1971, otherwise India may take PoK: Rajnath Singh warns Pakistan

Rajnath Singh

Jaipur, Sep 26: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, on Wednesday warned Pakistan not to repeat “the mistake of 1971” otherwise Pakistan will be disintegrated further and India has kept 24 seats in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly vacant for PoK .

Reminding Pakistan of the breakup of Pakistan in 1971 and the creation of Bangladesh, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said,”I have reiterated this suggestion to Pakistan to consider what happened in 1971…what will happen to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) this time.”

“We took great precaution and did not attack Pakistan or its Army. We targeted only terror training camps in Balakot,” Singh said, adding, “Par agar aage aisa hi chalta raha, toh kuch kaha nahi ja sakta (but if it continues like this, then things may change).” “I have repeatedly suggested Pakistan not to repeat the mistake of 1971, Pakistan was broken and Bangladesh was formed. I have said do not repeat the mistake of 1971 keeping in mind what will happen to PoK,” Singh further added.

Singh’s comments come a day after Army chief General Bipin Rawat hinted that India could go beyond Balakot strikes if Pakistan continues to push terrorists into India.

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