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Don’t create a Jurassic Republic with two dinosaurs: Sibal on CAB

No citizen of this country including Muslims is afraid of the Modi Government: Sibal on Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.



Kapil Sibal Speech

New Delhi, Dec 11 : Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal, on Wednesday, during the debate on the contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in the Rajya Sabha, said that his party opposes the legislation, citing that it has a legal colour of the two-nation theory. He said that he opposes the Bill as religion cannot be the basis for the acquisition of citizenship.

Sibal also said that he was disturbed over Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement in the Lok Sabha. He said: “I was very disturbed the other day when distinguished Home Minister said in the other House why we need this Bill. He said Congress had done partition on the basis of religion.”

Sibal said he had failed to understand from which history book Shah read this.

Talking about Home Minister, Shah said that he would like to remind him what Savarkar had said. Sibal said that the two-nation theory was not Congress theory.

Quoting Savarkar’s statement, Sibal said: “I quote Savarkar. He had said ‘there are two antagonistic nations living side by side in India. Several politicians commit the serious mistake in supposing that India is already welded into a harmonious nation, or that it could be welded thus for the mere wish to do so. These are our well-meaning but unthinking friends, take their dreams for realities. That is why they are impatient of communal tangles and attribute them to communal organisations’.” Two nation theory was perpetrated by Savarkar, Sibal said.

Congress member again quoted B.R. Ambedkar, one of the key architects of the Constitution. He said, “Ambedkar wrote: ‘Strange it may appear, Savarkar and Jinnah, instead of being opposed to each other on the one nation versus two nations issue, are in complete agreement about it. Both agree, not only agree but insist, that there are two nations in India. One the Muslim nation and the other Hindu nation’.”

Sibal thereafter urged Shah to withdraw the allegations. He said, “We in the Congress believed in one nation.” He then charged Shah saying: “You don’t believe it.”

Referrring to Amit Shah’s statement that Muslims don’t need to fear because of CAB, Sibal retorted by saying that none of the Muslims or any citizen in this country fears the government. He said “I am not afraid of you, no muslim in this country is afraid of you and no citizen of this country is afraid of you. What we are in awe of is the constitution of India”

He then said that the Bill is historic as government is changing the basic character of the Constitution. “You are making attempt to change our history. You said crores of people will see ray of hope tomorrow morning, I claim that night will not end for lakhs of people. This dark night will never end,” said Sibal urging Shah to rise above politics.

He also questioned where is the provision of religious persecution in the proposed legislation? “There is no such provision,” he said. “If man came from Bangladesh in India in 1972 and living here since then, how come he is persecuted, Sibal questioned.

In his closing comments he warned the government against creating a Jurassic Republic where there are two dinosaurs.


‘EIA 2020 draft must be withdrawn to Stop Loot Of The Nation,’ Rahul Gandhi attacks Modi govt



Rahul Gandhi Video Conf

New Delhi Aug 10 : Launching another attack at the Narendra Modi government, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday said that the objective of the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) 2020 draft is “loot of the nation”.

He further demanded that it must be withdrawn to stop environmental destruction.
“The objective of the EIA2020 draft is clear – #LootOfTheNation This is another terrible example of what the BJP government has been doing for the ‘friends’ of the suit-boot who have robbed the resources of the country. EIA 2020 draft must be withdrawn to stop #LootOfTheNation and environmental destruction,” Gandhi tweeted.
The former Congress chief termed the EIA 2020 draft, which has been placed by the BJP government for public feedback, as “disgraceful and dangerous.” Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar had said that the final notification regarding EIA 2020 has not been issued and the draft notification is still open for public consultation for more than 120 days.

Earlier on Sunday, In a Facebook post using the hashtag ‘WithdrawEIA2020’, Gandhi slammed the government over the EIA, 2020, draft, saying it is not only “disgraceful”, but “dangerous”.

“Not only does it have the potential to reverse many of the hard fought gains that have been won over the years in the battle to protect our environment, it could potentially unleash widespread environmental destruction and mayhem across India,” he said.

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Rajasthan Cong MLAs demand action against rebels including Sachin Pilot



Ashok Gehlot

Jaipur, Aug 10 : Ahead of the Rajasthan Assembly session, Congress MLAs have demanded action against Sachin Pilot and other rebel MLAs at the Congress’ Legislature Party meeting for creating the political crisis in the state. The Congress has accused the BJP of indulging in horse-trading to bring down the Gehlot government.

State Congress in-charge Avinash Pandey said that he is not in favour of rebels and will convey to the party high command of the situation created by them.
“MLAs in yesterday’s Congress Legislature Party meeting demanded action against Sachin Pilot and other rebel MLAs. State Congress in-charge Avinash Pandey said he will not advocate for rebels in front of party high command,” ANI reported quoting sources.

Gehlot is likely to seek a trust vote during the session which is likely to start on August 14. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has already sent out a three-page communication urging all MLAs in the 200 member House to listen to the voice of the people to save democracy and stand with the truth in the interest of the state.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had on Sunday held CLP meeting at Hotel Suryagarh in Jaisalmer.
Gehlot has accused the BJP of horse -trading as Amit Shah led BJP has already taken down the Congress led governments in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and now Nadda led saffron party wants to forcibly install BJP government in Rajasthan.

Pilot was removed as the Deputy Chief Minister and as the state chief of the party on July 14. Pilot was reportedly miffed after the SOG sent him a notice to record his statement. Gehlot also targeted the 19 Congress dissident MLAs for wronly “creating the impression” that notices issued to them by the SOG which filed three sedition cases last month, had been engineered by state government but Gehlot said he also received a notice.

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UP woman commits suicide after allegedly being beaten up by police

Her family members said Yogesh Pathak beat up Nishu at the station. She was called to Kotwali by police again on Saturday and was stressed about it.




Jalaun, Aug 10 : A 22-year-old woman committed suicide in Uttar Pradesh’s Jalaun after she was allegedly beaten up by a police inspector.

The incident took place in Naya Ramnagar area.

The deceased, Nishu Chaudhary, was found hanging by a noose at her house on Saturday. The family rushed her to the hospital but doctors declared her dead.

According to Nishu’s family, she had gone to the market in Baldau Chowk on Friday afternoon.

Some shopkeepers accused the victim and two of her friends of stealing passports and caught them. They called the police and handed them over to inspector Yogesh Pathak.

Police took the three to the Kotwali police station and after questioning they were handed over to their relatives.

Her family members said Yogesh Pathak beat up Nishu at the station. She was called to Kotwali by police again on Saturday and was stressed about it.

“She was very disturbed since the beating by the inspector,” said a family member.

After Nishu committed suicide, her family went to the police station and created a ruckus, demanding action against the inspector.

Circle Officer (CO) Santosh Kumar reached the spot and assured the family that the matter will be investigated.

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