Donald Trump may ban immigrants from particular countries

Donald Trump

US President -elect Donald Trump high rhetoric campaign is now taking shape as the architect of anti-immigration laws is contemplating to deport 11 million illegal immigrants (ḫalf of whom are Mexicans).Donald is of the firm belief that clamping down on immigration will also reduce terrorist related activities  that will make America a safe country to live.



Trump is considering of constructing US-Mexico border wall without seeking immediate Congressional approval thus trying to fulfill his election promise.Ṭhe expenditure on constructing the wall will be met by taxing the remittances back home of Mexican migrants .He has also warned of scrapping the 150 years old North American Free Trade Agreement on which 6million American jobs depend on trade with Mexico and US Corporates will not allow it to happen .

Kankas Secretary of State Kris Kobach who crafted tough immigration laws in Arizona and elsewhere is advising President-elect on immigration.The Asian immigrants consists of immigrants from India  and other countries .This decision will not only hit the economy of US but will also adversely effect Indian economy with their deportation to India.


Indians are mostly working in farm industry and IT industry and the deportation will create immense employment in India as well as affect the aviation industry including travel agents.

The most striking  point is that he spoke on his proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States  as there is a “proven history of terrorism” against  America and its allies.

Practically his proposition of a religion based ban would not pass the test of US constitutional guarantees of religious freedom even if he tried to implement through Presidential decree. But if Trump ban nationals from certain countries by designating them as a terrorist countries it would not violate the Constitution and will certainly stop immigration.

Kobach who was a staffer in George W. Bush  Justice Department after 9/11 created the National Security Entry-Exit registration System or NSEERS may again implement the database for Muslims or citizens from particular countries  for being involved in any crime.The Department of Homeland  Security says that NSEERS allowed it to catch and deport suspected terrorists.


arti bali

By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist



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