Donald Trump bridges gap on Hillary Clinton as election date draws near

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US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is going to spend millions of dollars on advertisements as the elections unofficially began in force on Monday.

5th September, which is Labour Day holiday in USA, is a sign of the start of an crucial period for campaigning as a little over two months are left until the elections (November 8).

A ‘Morning Consult’ poll which released on Sunday morning depicted Clinton in lead by only two points. Earlier, the lead was seven reported by the same poll. Now, there is a very narrow gap between Trump and his counter-candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trump gained eight points against Clinton in the last week, the recent Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll from the voters in all 50 states suggests.

The results of all the latest polls shows Clinton lead to have lessen down to half of what it was a month ago. The raise she got after the Democratic convention at the end of July seems to have vanished.

A poll conducted by Los Angeles Times, nationally, declared Trump with a three point lead.

The result of Clinton’s decrease in the recent polls might have been a result of her using private electronic mail server while she was US state Secretary. She was widely criticized for the same.

Though, she has kept her leads in the important states (key states) for elections including Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, Trump bought 10 million dollars in TV advertisements through his funding obtained through the donors.


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