Chinese Envoy proposes trilateral summit,says cannot stand another Doka La incident

New Delhi, June 18 : Asserting that neither India nor China can afford to have another Doklam incident, Chinese Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui on Monday proposed a trilateral summit between three neighbouring countries of China, India and Pakistan to maintain peace along the border.

Days after Chinese premier Xi Jinping met Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the SCO Summit in Qingdao and accepted his invitation to visit India for an informal meeting in 2019, China proposed a trilateral summit to settle boundary issues between India and Pakistan.

“Some Indian friends suggested that India, China, and Pakistan may have some kind of trilateral summit on the sidelines of the SCO. So, if China, Russia, and Mongolia can have a trilateral summit, then why not India, China, and Pakistan,” Chinese Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui said.


Speaking at a seminar, titled “Beyond Wuhan: How Far and Fast Can China-India Relations Go” in New Delhi, Zhaohui appealed for a joint effort to maintain peace along the border, and said, “We cannot stand another Doka La incident.”

Luo further emphasised on 5Cs- communication, cooperation, contacts, coordination and control that can help promote China-India relations.

He also urged India to make a joint effort with China to maintain peace along the border.
Addressing the boundary issue, he said the matter will be taken up during the Special Representatives’ Meeting in Beijing this year.
“The Chinese Defence Minister, Minister for Public Security will visit India. Special Representatives’ Meeting on Boundary Question will be held in Beijing this year. The two foreign ministers will co-chair the 1st meeting of high-level people-to-people & cultural exchange mechanism,” Luo tweeted.

He concluded by encouraging cultural exchange mechanism in fields of movie, sports, tourism, museum, youth.”China will continue to promote religious exchanges, arrange pilgrims by Indian Yatris to Kailash Manasarovar in China’s Tibet,” he added.

Envoy said India and China are neighbours and they cannot be moved away and Strategic communications, meetings and dialogues are important. What’s equally important is to implement the consensus, transmit the leaders’ personal friendship down to the people, and take more concrete actions. The Qingdao meeting has shown the right direction.”



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