Dogra members taunts Nirmal singh after he failed to declare holiday on Maharaj Hari Singh’s birthday


23, September: Dogra community members of Kashmir on Saturday heckled the Deputy Cheif minister Nirmal Singh after he failed to declare Maharaja Hari Singh’s Birthday a state holiday. Deputy chief minister was taunted by people carrying saffron flags and wearing the black shirt when he was speaking at a function dedicated to Maharaj Hari Singh.

However, after the Dogra members started creating ruckus Singh had to cut short his speech. The protesters also demanded the minister’s resignation and accused the BJP of doing “dis-service” to the Jammu region.

According to Indian Express Sumit Singh, a protester said, “BJP has done dis-service to Jammu, which gave them 25 seats. They have failed to address one of the major aspirations of the Dogras. Despite the passage of a resolution, the BJP could not facilitate a holiday on Maharaja’s birthday. It is a shame,”

Jammu Kashmir saw many rallies in favor of Maharaja Hari Singh demanding a holiday on his birthday.

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