Dog saves lives of over 30 people, dies later in cylinder blast

Cylinder blast dog save lives
New Delhi, April 13: It is often said that dogs are man’s best friend and also considered to be the most loyal of all animals. This has been proven yet again in Uttar Pradesh.

A heartwarming incident has come to light from UP’s Banda where more than 30 lives were saved by a pet dog which woke them up by barking as a devastating fire broke out in a building here on Friday. Though it saved many lives, the dog later lost its life in a cylinder blast as it was tied up.

A major fire engulfed the building which housed more than 30 people. It was only because of the dog that the people in the building could escape on time.

While talking to the news agency, ANI, an eyewitness stated that the heroic dog kept barking at the fire which alerted the people on time and helped them in escaping. The dog, however, died after a cylinder blasted.

Fire official Vinay Kumar said that the fire took place due to a short circuit in the basement of the building. Due to the presence of cylinders, an explosion took place and four nearby buildings collapsed.


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