Dog eats owner’s engagement ring!

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New Delhi, Feb 10 : Pepper, a dog in South Africa, swallowed his owner’s engagement ring which was revealed in an X-ray.

The bizarre incident came to light after it was shared by the Valley Farm Animal Hospital, where Pepper was admitted.

The hospital shared an image of the dog on its Facebook page along with the caption, “My name is Pepper. Do I look a little nauseous? That’s because the vet has just given me something to make me vomit! Not because the vet is a meanie but because I ate my Mom’s engagement ring!!! Don’t ask! It seemed like a good idea at the time!!

“Anyway not long after this the muti did it’s stuff and up came Mom’s ring as good as new. Or I’d say even better as she’ll always have our stories to tell.”

As the post went viral, netizens flooded social media with their reactions. A user wrote, “This made my day. Pure puppy and a lovely blink object. Shame glad you got your ring back. Puppy needs a steak for all the drama.”

Another wrote, “That will teach your mommy not to leave her ring where you can get it! Hope you feel better soon pup.”

“Poor pup!!! Glad it worked out well for everyone! We had a similar incident with our boxer that ended up with surgery, so you got lucky,” read one post.

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