Diwali Dishes : Try this Mouth Watering dishes


New Delhi,oct 28:Diwali Festive season is in full swing, start with the special day Dhanteras which is considered as a bringer of Prosperity and good luck for the family.

With Diwali, the festival of lights and happiness, the celebration are incomplete without sweets and food in traditional India.
Join in and experiment this mouth watering dishes with different flavours and spices.

  • Gulkand Gilori

Recipe Ingredients:

1 cup Almond powdered
2 cup icing sugar
1tsp almond essence
2tsp rose water
few drops green food color
2tbsp khoya
2tbsp gulkand
Few drops rose red color
Silver warq

Recipe Method:
In a clean bowl mix almond powder, sugar, almond essence, rose water and green color to a smooth dough.
Mix the khoya, gulkand, rose red color to a smooth dough. Make small balls of equal size of the almond dough. Roll out the dough into a flat disc. Keep some gulkand stuffing in the centre and cover from three sides to resemble a triangle.
Cover with silver warq and serve.

Jowar Dates Ladoo

jowar dates ladoo

Jowar Flour: ½ cup
Dates – seeds removed and chopped: 10-12
Chopped nuts (Almonds and walnuts) – optional: 2-3 tablespoon
Water: ½ cup
Ghee-2 teaspoon
Flax seeds: ½ teaspoon (optional)


1. Dry roast jowar flour in a pan or kadhai for 5-8 minutes or till golden brown. Make sure it does not burn. Remove from the flame and keep aside
2. Add chopped dates and water in a pan. Stir well on low-medium flame. Once the water is absorbed and dates becomes mushy, add roasted jowar flour and chopped nuts
3. Stir well for 2 minutes on low flame. Remove from the heat and keep aside. Don’t let it come at room temp otherwise will not be able to make ladoos
4. Grease your palm with ghee and start making round shaped balls (ladoos)
5. Store in air tight container

Cauliflower salad


600g frozen peas
1 red pepper
1 bunch spring onions
1 clove garlic
150g natural yogurt
100g sour cream
50ml milk
1 teaspoon lime juice
50g Tahini paste
1-2 tsp ground cumin
Chilli powder

1-2 tsp paprika powder

Blanch frozen cauliflower in slightly salted boiling water for 5 minutes then drain it and leave to drip off. Wash the pepper and spring onions then de-seed the pepper. Finely dice the pepper and cut the spring onions into thin slices.

Peel and chop the garlic. In a bowl mix yogurt, sour cream, milk, lime juice and Tahini and season to taste with the cumin, paprika, salt, chilli and sugar.

Add the cauliflower, peppers and spring onions to the dressing and mix throughly.

Leave for at least an hour in order to allow the flavours to infuse. Taste and season again if necessary before serving.
Serve with fresh naan bread.

Enjoy your Diwali with these mouth watering dishes.

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