Disparity In Wealth Distribution Much Stronger Under BJP Govt: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi promised that when the Congress is elected to power at the Centre it will implement its Nyay scheme, under which the party will provide Rs 72,000 every year to those below the poverty line
Rahul Gandhi Farmers
Rahul Gandhi

Hitting out at the Centre, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday alleged that there has been a spike in disparity in wealth distribution under the BJP regime.

The Congress MP made the comments during a public event in Tamil Nadu. Gandhi is on a two-day visit to the election-bound state.

While he was interacting with salt pan workers on Sunday, one of them sought government aide for four months every year, when the state’s salt pans are usually closed. Responding to the request, Gandhi said the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance had formulated a proposal to tackle the issue.

“When we the UPA government was in power at the Centre, we noticed that the wealth distribution in India was becoming very skewed,” he said replying to the worker. While a few people were getting “very very rich,” many were becoming poorer, he said.

“And now since the BJP has come (to power at the Centre) that trend has grown,” he alleged.

The idea that the Centre should provide financial assistance to the poor who did not have work was the core idea behind the Congress’ Nyay scheme which was based on the “concept of a minimum income,” Gandhi said.

Irrespective of factors like from which state the workers hailed from or their language or religion, beneficiaries under the Nyay scheme would have automatically received Rs 72,000 every year in their bank accounts till such a time they were out of poverty, he said.

When Congress gets voted to power at the Centre, the Nyay scheme will be implemented, Gandhi said.

Women workers also flagged the issue of rampant alcohol addiction among the menfolk who spend their hard-earned money on consuming liquor leaving their families in the lurch. They urged Gandhi to work towards implementing complete prohibition in the state.

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