Did you notice something abnormal with this goat?

Goat with 8 legs

Chhattisgarh, Sept 16: Did you noticed something abnormal with this goat? If not, then here we tell you that this goat is not like all others as in such a bizarre case,  this goat has 8-legs.

Yes, you heard this right, a Goat gave birth to an 8-legged kid in Balrampur’s Kervashila.

This goat is said to be completely healthy. People from distant villages are coming just to have a look on this different goat.

While the veterinary doctor called it a birth defect but these cases are rare to see in daily lives.

Earlier in May 2015, a goat gave birth to a human resembling kid having with only ears and legs were like others goats and rest all parts were like human beings.

Wefornews Bureau

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