Did Subramanian Swamy tweak BJP? When Mayawati trumped NaMo on twitter…


New Delhi, February 16: Controversy and Swamy go hand in hand. Or better say, when Swamy says so, his followers do so by taking every word literally even when he himself denies an intention to draw a flak about it.

You call it raising a controversy, but it is an art of chipping a shot. Swamy very well knows his skill set. Nevertheless, more than 4 lakh people follow him on twitter and value his opinion.

The senior leader from BJP took everyone by surprise by his tweet yesterday that probably turned into a master tweak for the party establishment during the ongoing Uttar Pradesh elections.

Subramanian Swamy tweeted: “In UP, I think Mayawati will pull off a Donald Trump.”

Well, predicting the results of Uttar Pradesh’s ongoing assembly elections is certainly a well timed out action.


The newly elect US president Donald Trump recently had a surprise win in the US elections in November despite widespread speculations of a victory for his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Certainly, Swamy intended to predict a make-shift government in the UP. However favouring the Bhenji (BSP Chief) who is also a stark opponent of the ruling Samajwadi government makes a valid point in context of UP, if we ignore the political matrix that favours the ruling SP.

Adding more fuel to the fire on twitter was how Swamy moved on to other subjects on social media and did not break his silence over the suspicious tweet for a couple of hours.

Swami came with a lame explanation for the Mayawati favoring tweet and took a U-turn to tweet:

“In my tweet on UP elections, I had intended to say Namo. Instead by oversight I said Mayawati. Error is regretted.”

Well, twitter never takes a tweet superfluously.

Mayawati for Namo, a typo mistake…How come? was the buzz all over social media.

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