Determined to oust BJP in Gujarat, says Hardik Patel


Ahmedabad, Oct 15:  Patidar leader Hardik Patel on Sunday said that he was determined to work for the defeat of the BJP in the forthcoimg assembly elections in Gujarat.

Speaking at a conclave of India TV here, Patel asserted “I am not working for the victory of the opposition Congress, but am committed to the legitimate rights of my community”.

“If the Congress party wins, it will be a vote against dictatorship.”

Asked why he was shying away from saying that his Patidar movement was for the Congress, Patel said: “I have said earlier too that my fight is not for or against any political party, but against the system, against those who want to crush my democratic right to speak up for my rights.”

“If the BJP agrees to give what we are demanding I will wrap up the agitation but not otherwise,” he said, adding that their agitation will continue even if the Congress comes to power.

Asked what if the BJP came back to power, a smiling Patel said: “Wait till December (when the Gujarat elections are due).”


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