Despite price hike of everything, Modi Government claims growth: Ahmed Patel

ahmed patel

New Delhi, Sep 4: In a blistering attack, Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel on Tuesday said not only fuel, the price of everything is increasing, but the Modi government is claiming that there’s growth and share market is in the upward direction.

Speaking to Media, Patel stated “not only petrol and diesel, the price of everything is increasing. But the government claims there’s growth and share market is growing”.

The Congress leader from Gujarat also advised the centre to show some concern and do something about rising prices as the common man is under pressure.

“Prices are soaring and touching the sky. Government should do something about it”, he added.

Petrol and Diesel breached record levels for the 10th straight day on Tuesday,  the people across the country have condemned the Narendra Modi- led government for the continuous increase in the fuel prices.

The consistent surge in fuel prices has led the opposition parties to blame the Modi government for mismanagement.


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