Design tips for a wonderful festive home makeover


New Delhi, Sep 18: With the festive season around the corner, decorate your home elegantly with the right accessories, designer ceilings and many more, say experts.

Ishan Thacker, Associate Director at Vector Projects (I) Pvt. Ltd and Sudeep Kolte of the brand Saint Gobain India Pvt. Ltd dole out tips on how to give a makeover to your house this festive season.

* Furniture and accessories: It’s that time of the year again, when investing in new furniture seems like a great idea. Replace your old sofa, table or bed with the latest options available in the market. In case you don’t want to switch your furniture, changing its fabric or upholstery is always an option. Use traditionally vibrant or bold colours to add in the festive effect.

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Continue to glorify your space by accessorising with elegant curtains, rugs, vases, scented candles and other glassware.

* De-clutter or re-arrange: Festivals mean an inflow of guests, which often leads to space issues. Take out some time and start to de-clutter your premises. Get rid of the unwanted stuff and let your space breathe; replace old stuff with newer and more elegant ones. In addition to de- cluttering, don’t forget to rearrange. Move your furniture around, let the sofa be closer to the wall and coffee table in the centre. This will bring in a change and make your space look bigger.

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* Don’t forget designer ceilings: A designer ceiling can make a dramatic visual impact on any space. Today, with the array of designs that designer ceilings offer, households feel spoilt for choice and find it to be an imperative part of a festive house makeover.

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Designer ceilings can be customized to the design of your choice and can be installed in as much as a week’s time, and sometimes even faster than what it takes to get your home painted. Now you can have your home ready in time for the festive season to show off to your friends, relatives and neighbours.

* Light up your festive mood: One often relates ambience to the lighting provided in a particular space, and creating an ambience can be made easy by choosing the right kind of lighting. A big advantage of installing designer ceilings is the high quality LED lights that can be fixed seamlessly, as per your creative choice, without the concern of high electricity bills. There is a large variety of light fixtures available for designer ceilings ideal for multiple spaces across your home.

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* Redo your walls and create your own space: Jazz up your space by making your walls look colourful. Paint one wall in a brighter shade and others in lighter tones to maintain the balance. If not paint, you can opt for wall paper and wall decals, these are less expensive option. Style your wall with racks for books and décor pieces. Wall hangings, mirrors, paintings and wall murals are the latest trends to give your house a chic look.

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* Blend in with nature: Opt for bamboo shoots and bonsai plants, these can be kept on your centre table or in the unkempt corner of your house. It’s all about blending nature within your environment.

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