Denmark bans six foreign hate preachers

Denmark’s Minister of Immigration and Integration Inger Stojberg takes part in a meeting along with Denmarks’ Foreign minister take at the European Parliament in Brussels on January 25, 2016. The European Parliament’s civil liberties committee was due to discuss on January 25 a controversial Danish new bill that would curb refugee numbers by delaying family reunification and seizing migrants’ valuables. / AFP / JOHN THYS (Photo credit should read JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Copenhagen, May 3: At least six foreign religious preachers have been banned by Denmark from entering the country.

Mohamad al Arefe, Kamal El-Mekki, Bilal Philips, Terry Dale Jones, Salman Bin Fahad Alodah and Mohammad Al-Nabulsi were sanctioned on Tuesday, The Copenhagen Post cited the Immigration Ministry as saying.

“The government won’t accept hate preachers coming to Denmark and let them preach against Danish society and indoctrinate listeners to commit violence against women and children, spread ideas of a caliphate and undermine our founding values,” said Immigration Minister Inger Stojberg.

“I am naturally very pleased that it is now clear to everyone that these people are not welcome in Denmark.”

The Danish government announced a plan last May to establish a blacklist after a hidden-camera documentary exposed radical preachers in mosques. The plan was broadly approved by the Parliament.

The immigration authority will continue assessing which preachers should be on the blacklist, Stojberg said.

According to the law, foreigners can find themselves on the list if the have “displayed behaviour that gives reason to believe that the foreigner is a threat to public order in Denmark”, he said.


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