Demonetization unfold Modi’s fascist policies


IN the name of economic upliftment of the country packaged as contributing to nationalism and doing away with black money and corruption,Prime minister Narendra Modi is restoring to all policies that will make poor India a more poorer nation.

And more so ,Modi government’s lobbying for Moody’s better credit rating on India’s sovereign debt shows his desperate moves to attract foreign investment for growth but he has failed in his attempt to build strong economy .

Modi’s demonetization decision is an illogical demonstration of absolute power when the people in India cannot afford even one room house and two square meals a day ,the Modi government is talking about forcing tax on each and every Indian and punishing those who evades such tax.

Even after seeing the extreme sufferings of the people due to demonetization of 86% of legal currency and the death toll of poor people ,Modi as a fascist stated that death toll of the people happens whenever there is a revolutionary change and that this issue is not of much . Further his fascist theories were further clarified by him that he will now target people having properties and wealth.

When Modi announced demonetization it was said that black money is being targeted but actually the hard earned money of poor people was taken away .

Now in the name of benami properties and deals ,he will naturally target the general public to a subsistence level which happen whenever absolute power is exercised.

After realizing he has done nothing in two and a half years of his rule  and he has to show some achievements to win the Uttar Pradesh elections,

Modi abruptly annonuced the demonetization and also tried to encash the surgical strikes in Pakistan by terming it as a bold decisions of his government.

  • Modi has lost his reputation globally and at home as a sound economic manager
  • Terrorism has increased many folds as terrorists can use other currency like dollars  and causalities among our forces have increased.
  • Kashmir issue is already on edge inspite of his government as a major alliance partner in the state .
  • Joblessness has increased many folds due to shutdowns and economic slowdown
  • Agricultural growth is badly affected which may bring in famine like conditions
  • BJP fortunes in Uttar Pradesh are destined to be consigned to dust

Then Modi shifted his aim to cashless or digital economy .People around the world know that people in the interiors of India cannot afford even one meal a day but PM Modi wants them to have aadhar card /bank account/PAN card and so many other documents to  eat or even to breathe.

The real Indian scenario is unfolding as distressed labour is being forced to migrate back to their homes,factories are being shutdown,  and the capital outflow is taking place all over the country.

When Indian Prime Minister is trying to imitate the rich countries of Europe or US then he must realize that Government of those countries provide jobs to their citizens while in India even the existing jobs are being taken away as MNCs service sector is shifting back to US under US President -elect Donald Trump policies .

The coming 2017 year is going to be tough for Indians as Modi government will levy tax on middle class as well as poor people already suffering  under unbearable burden of costly education and high inflation.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist

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