Demonetization: Surgical strikes on the poor and Opposition parties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, File Photo

With BJP leaders boasting of Modi’s bold decision of suddenly demonetization of high denomination Indian currency notes the decision has only whipped the poor people already suffering under grinding poverty.

Such poor people living in villages cannot afford to keep their meagre cash in banks which are located at distant places. The farmers in villages are already committing suicides under BJP rule as the All India Kishan Sabha has claimed that the rate of suicides among farmers has increased by 26 % under PM Modi regime. When the farmers will deposit their old currency notes in Jan Dhan Yojna bank accounts ,government will transfer a part of such deposits in the empty bank accounts causing further hardship to the villagers.

The government should have implemented the scheme of demonetization in such a manner that poor people particularly farmers were not made to suffer further hardships.

Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray an ally of Central government has taunted that the surgical strikes on blackmoney by way of demonetization will boomerang on the BJP government when voters will conduct their own surgical strikes by voting out BJP in the coming elections.

Actually the demonetization of currency notes just ahead of elections in Uttar Pradesh and other states was apparently done deliberately to put opposition parties at a disadvantageous place while the ruling party had prior knowledge of this move as Home Minister Rajnath Singh has now stated that the decision was not taken in haste but it was well-planned.
This move does not effect businessman with deep pockets who are managing their businesses abroad such as Lalit Modi, Tycoon Vijay Mallya and the like.

Ṃodi’s actions are contradictory to his promises done by him during 2014 Lok Sabha elections when he assured that his government will bring back 80 lakh crore blackmoney stashed abroad in 100 days and will deposit 15 lakh in back accounts of each citizen.

With no such promise being fulfilled there is a Tsunami of rage against the present government who should see their defeat at polls as a writing on the wall.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist

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