Demonetization made Modi to lose 3 lakh followers in a day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, File Photo

Mr. Narendra Modi’s decision to scrap Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes has risen the anger in public of the nation. Besides all confusion and chaos Modi is also facing a backlash on Twitter- a medium where he has ruled the roost for long.

Reportedly, Modi’s twitter following has fallen by over 3 lakhs on 9th of November, only a day after the announcement made by Mr. Modi for demonetization. As per the data provided by the analytical service Twitter Counter, Modi lost 3.13 lakh Twitter followers on Wednesday 9 November.

With highest number of followers’ i.e approximately 23.8 million, Modi was the top-most followed Indian on Twitter, a little ahead of actor Amitabh Bachchan, who has 23.3 million followers. This dip is unusual as his usual following has been increasing every day.

As per the media sources and reports Modi’s followers have increased by around 25,000 every day. Even on the day of the announcement, the increase has risen amazingly close to 50,000 followers.  However, the announcement has made everything reverse.

Usually this kind of sudden fall happens when Twitter removes fake Twitter handles. But in that case it would have led to a decrease in the number of followers for other political leaders as well but it wasn’t a case. While, the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s followers and Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi have increased in the past couple of days.

If the dip in followers is linked to the new demonetization policy, it is indeed a worrying sign for BJP. By this one could assume that the backlash to the policy outside the virtual world is at the much higher scale.

On the other hand, Twitter did not respond to the questions as to why such a reduction in the number of Modi’s followers. It didn’t happen in last two months but suddenly happened immediately after the demonetization announcement.


Wefornews bureau
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