#Demonetisation: United opposition nails down Modi’s remarks


New Delhi, November 14: As prime minister Narendra Modi heads on to cheer BJP’s stage for upcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pardesh and Goa, he tries to bank heavily on his popularity and urges Indian public to discount their grievances post  #currencyban for corruption free India.

The center’s decision to demonetise high currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 which make 86 per cent of currency in the country has come as a complete shocker for a common man. With banks and ATMs running out of cash, an unannounced financial emergency has crippled every household of the nation.

In his first public appearance post #demonetisation, PM Modi mocked up people who are worried because of currency ban and tagged worried people as “corrupt” and “tax hoarders.”

Hailing demonetisation as a major step against counterfeit currency, which was feeding terrorism and Maoism, PM Modi has challenged 1.25 crore population of India.

The public has no choice but to stand and wait at ATMs and Banks for money disbursal. The small businesses are facing an unannounced standstill in the cashless economy. PM has urged for a 50 days cap of bearing inconvenience and that means more days of discomfort for general public ahead. Already a dozen of people have lost lives because of currency shortage and out of shock.

United opposition has clamped up perfect attack to Modi’s rhetoric as India is witnessing an unannounced financial emergency!

To start off, an emotional PM Narendra Modi broke own at Goa address and said the corrupt are out to get him. He feels the pain.

Congress vice president took a timely jibe on Prime minister Modi by tweeting two clips of Modi post the announcement of demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes that rocked the nation.


Gulam Nabi Azad: In his speeches, the content of drama is higher than the truth. He is famous for his acting skills, but his Goa act was superior having laughter, tears, warnings etc.

Manish Sisodia: Nation doesn’t need Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s emotion but a solution to the ongoing financial crisis. The solution is not about the long queues at the ATMs ‘it’s a huge problem. Business is suffering due to this. The farmers cannot cultivate now due to your policies you will be able to see the result after five to six months in the form of inflation.

Those shedding tears on Modi’s speech should also see the tear in eyes of those standing in line (outside banks) whom the prime minister is calling corrupt.

#MODI: I was not born for sitting on a chair of high office. Whatever I had, my family, my home…I left it for the nation.

Congress: If you believe that politics is a service to the nation, thousands of people have done it. what is so great about it? This is kind of extremely cheap publicity.

It is our duty to raise and champion the voice of the people in the most befitting fashion so as to highlight and bring this to the attention of the government, which currently in their arrogance of power and numbers is refusing to listen to the voice of reason and the cry and pain of the ordinary persons of this country.

The Prime Minister must realize that arrogance of power should not surpass the problems faced by people. Let the Prime Minister mock leaders of the Congress Party. We don’t care. But let him not mock the people of this country which he is doing

Mayawati (BSP): It is good that Modiji has left his family and village for the country but that does not mean that he would take immature decisions which are against the public interest and stick to them. He should stop emotionally blackmailing the people who are facing hardships due to the move.

#MODI: After demonetisation, the poor are enjoying a sound sleep while rich are running from pillar to post to buy sleeping pills.

Congress: People who are standing in queues outside banks and ATMs are not thieves and neither do they have black money.

Kejriwal: It is the poor who are camping outside banks and it is Modi’s friends who are sleeping peacefully.

Mamata Banerjee: The PM in his speech had said the poor are sleeping peacefully. This is an insult to commoners and in bad taste.

Mayawati: People are facing the hardest days of their lives, there is no money in banks and ATMs are useless. The poor is taking sleeping pills and the rich is sleeping peacefully. PM had fabricated fake announcements in his speech and had described the reality in an opposite manner. The rich are in no loss and BJP had also converted its black money into white.

#MODI: Bear with me for 50 days.

Congress: The people, who are standing in queues outside banks and ATMs, are not thieves and neither do they have black money. Will Prime Minister Modi apologise to all those who have lost their lives due to this economic chaos?

Arvind Kejriwal (AAP): PM came from Japan & sought co-operation for more 50 days to deal with issue; will the common man continue to suffer till then. If he (PM Modi) is really serious about the issue, then he must take strict action against his corporate friends.

The Prime Minister has sought 50 days time for things to normalise. On behalf of the traders, I want to ask the PM how will their work go on for the next 50 days? Trade and business have been hit hard across the country. Roll this back. We don’t see any solution coming (to the cash crisis).”

MODI: Was Voted To Fight Corruption.

AAP:  If you want to fight against corruption then send Ambani and Adani to jail. You stand with Sharad Pawar and say you are fighting corruption.

Sitaram Yechury: Post prime minister’s speach, he said, PM himself in 2014 had said that 90℅ black money is stashed abroad. He has a list of those names but he is not making them public.

Shiv Sena: In order to extract the black money from a handful of industrialists, the Modi government has thrown 125 crore people on the streets. At one stroke, the government has sacrificed 125 crores at the altar of black money – are all these people corrupt and black money hoarders? How many were found standing in the queues with bundles of unaccounted Rs 500 and 1,000 notes?

MODI: Demometisation plannin10 months planning

DMK: For the past 10 days, people are getting starved; they are unable to purchase groceries and vegetables. If it was planned 10 months earlier, then the government should have come out with a proper plan and not put people into trouble.

Shankersinh Vaghela (Congress): In their campaign for 2014 Lok Sabha polls, BJP had promised to bring back black money parked in Swiss banks. Now, as the government failed to fulfil their promise, they came up with this idea, which is nothing but a face saving exercise by the BJP.

D Raja (CPI): Workers are not being paid wages. The people are unable to purchase essential commodities, vegetables and medicines, unable to undertake travel etc. due to non-availability of cash. According to the government’s own admission, the present chaotic situation will continue for another three to four weeks implying that the people will be subject to sufferings for some more time to come.

Sitaram Yechury: Nobody is accepting this new currency, so what is the use of introducing them.

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