#Demonetisation: Long queues continue outside banks, ATMs on 25th day

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New Delhi, Dec 5: Serpentine queues were seen outside the banks even on Monday, that was the 25th day since the banks were open to exchange old currency notes.

The similar rush was witnessed at ATMs which were functional, as many of the ATMs were still cashless on Monday.

Mahendra Prakash, a resident of Kalindi Kunj in south Delhi, expressed that he and his wife rushed to the neighbourhood Canara Bank ATM when they noticed it had been loaded with cash in the morning.

Prakash informed that ATMs in his locality had been dry for the last one week.

Cash shortage is being experienced all across the country after the demonetisation.

“The government and the RBI were not prepared for this. They should have made proper arrangements to replace the 500 and 1,000 rupee notes,” said the saddened family waiting for its turn at ATM.

Many people expressed anger over the manner they were forced to queue up again and again, almost daily, to collect Rs 2,000-2,500 — the maximum one can withdraw from an ATM in a day.

Desperate to go to work, people in the queues were requesting those ahead of them to withdraw cash using only one debit card.

“I have to pay rent. I have to pay my maid and for utility bills. I can’t make all payments through net banking,” complained Sahil Raj, an IT professional from Nirman Vihar in east Delhi, echoing a common grouse.

“I have been trying to get cash from ATM for the last three days. Just before my turn comes, the guard announces the ATM is out of cash,” Raj sighed. “It is really frustrating.”

Banks and ATMs have been regularly witnessing long queues since the note ban of November 8.

Many bank customers say they are not allowed to take out Rs 24,000 a week — as authorized by the Reserve Bank of India — but given only Rs 4,000-6,000 by bank officials who cite cash crunch.

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