Demonetisation has negatively impacted Media houses says INS

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Indian News Paper Society on Friday(15th August) said, “Demonetisation has affected the economic conditons of Media houses as it decreased the no. of advertisements by other industries “.

The agency asked government to help the media organisations. INS is a group of Media owners which claims to work for the freedom and betterment of the media.

The group also criticised the attacks on media persons and told it a threat to freedom of expression. Society appealed the government to not construct wage boards as it is not there in other buisnesses.

Outgoing chairman of INS Somesh Sharma in annual meeting said,” Indian news buisness depends on advertisements for its profit and demonetisations has affected it very severly.

He also said,”Media is going through a critical situation, it is not the time to impose taxes and to demolish its revenue system,it is the time to help it to regain its momentum. INS wants governmnet to make proper revenue and labour laws, he added”.

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