Demonetisation: Guard At HDFC Bank In Punjab Fires Gunshots to manage Crowd

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Punjab, 7 Dec: A security guard posted at the HDFC Bank branch in Budhlada town of Punjab fired gunshots in air to disperse a large crowd of people gathered there on Tuesday.

People in large number reached to the HDFC Bank branch to deposit or withdraw cash after the demonetisation.

The security guard posted at the branch Budhlada fired at least three times in the air to disperse the crowd.

As the demonetisation was announced on November 8, chaos triggered all around the country as  people are struggling to get the money to make payments and other basic needs. They can be seen standing in serpentine queues outside banks and ATMs.

There have been incidents of ruckus, stone pelting and road blockade by irate customers, who are unable to withdraw their money.

Frustrated over the chaos triggered in the queues, incidents of people yelling and hurling abuses at the bankers were reported.

However, it doesn’t justify the act of a security guard who started firing gunshots to disperse a crowd gathered outside a bank.

The deputy superintendent of police (DSP) Gurmeet Singh informed that the crowd got so impatient that the glass doors of the bank developed cracks. Out of fear, the guard fired a gunshot in the air to disperse the crowd,” he said.

Barwala SHO Umed Singh stated that Anil Kumar, the guard at the HDFC’s Barwala branch, had been booked under Section 285 (negligent conduct with respect to fire or combustible matter).

However, Singh said that there was no casualty in the incident but the question arises here if it led to any casualty then who will be held responsible for this as the incident comes two days after, a 25-year-old pregnant dancer was shot dead in a celebratory firing in Punjab’s Maur Mandi town.

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