Demonetisation, GST broke textile hub Surat’s legs: Rahul Gandhi

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Gandhinagar, Nov 8: Lashing out at the BJP-led central government, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said demonetisation and the GST rollout have “broken the legs” of Surat, as he observed a “black day” in the textile and of country’s diamond hub. 

The Gandhi scion met industry representatives and workers at Nirman Industries’ loom factory in Katargam industrial development area after he landed in Surat city.

The Congress vice president will be in Gujarat for three days, and this  is the third phase of his visit to the state which will go for assembly elections on December 9 and 14.

“There was an attack on India’s economy one year back,” Rahul Gandhi stated.

“During the interaction with Surat’s people I was told that demonetisation and then GST have broken Surat’s legs. The industry was finished by the twin blows not only here, but in the entire country,” he asserted.

Addressing media, the Congress lead stated, ” the people told him that they are being threatened. But truth cannot be suppressed, it will come out”.

“This is the place which can compete with China. Jobs will either come to India or China. But instead of helping them, the government has destroyed people’s strength.”

On the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rollout by Modi led  government, Gandhi said “We had requested Narendra Modiji and Arun Jaitleyji not to implement the GST in the way they wanted to.”

“This is not a political thing, this is not between the Congress and the BJP. This is about India’s competitiveness, we have to compete with China. You please do not demolish our industries and businesses. But they said that we are going to implement it at 12 midnight,” he added.

“The media was asking us, why we are not allowing GST to be implemented — because we wanted to save Surat and the country,” he stated.

“GST means one nation, one tax. But this GST by Modiji, which has five slabs will not work. We had said that maximum cap on taxes should be 18 per cent but they did not listened to us,” Rahul Gandhi said.

In an article in the Financial Times newspaper, the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a “democratically elected autocrat”.

He stated while the Prime Minister had “claimed” the demonetisation decision taken on November 8 last year was aimed at curbing corruption, but “Twelve months on the only thing he has wiped out is confidence in our once booming economy”.

“Demonetisation has wiped out 2 per cent of India’s gross domestic product, destroyed the informal labour sector and has wiped out many small and medium businesses. It has ruined the lives of millions of hard working Indians. The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy has calculated that over 1.5 million people lost their jobs in the first four months of 2017 due to demonetisation,” he asserted.

Gandhi also called the GST a “hastily imposed and poorly conceptualised” step and said that it created a modern day licence raj.

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