Demonetisation Day 10: Longer queues at ATMs today

ATM Queue

New Delhi, November 19: Although Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday said that the rush at bank branches has come down significantly and there is absolutely no panic, the vile reality is queues at banks are getting shorter after the introduction of indelible ink but is ramping up at ATMs as common man is cashless and need a bare minimum supply of money for his livelihood.

Post demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes, insensitivity of Narendra Modi led central government is rampant as every day since November 8, clan of BJP ministers, including the union Ministers are demeaning the concerns of common man by saying that there is a short term “discomfort” to public for long run benefits. Already the death toll due to demonetisation move is inching towards 50.

Shockingly BJP’s Gopal Shetty pointed out thousands die on railway tracks and lakhs die in terrorist attacks and road accidents while the minister forgot to note that deaths due to government policy is not normal.

Any government bailing out deaths of its citizen as a temporary pain cannot be taken as a democratic government for public.

The reduction in bank queues is simply due to restrictions imposed by government on exchange amount. Long snarling queues at ATMs was witnessed on Saturday and the same is expected on Sunday as cashless people have no other option.

All banks on Saturday will serve only their respective customers and will not exchange the old ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes from customers of other banks. However, this restriction is not applicable on senior citizens as they are allowed to visit any bank branches to exchange old defunct currency notes.

The exchange limit has already been less than halved to Rs 2,000 to ease some pressure on cash demand.

Here is what we found people at ATM queues talking about:

  1. It was better if I had uploaded candy crush.
  2. Uncle please run the line, I will get something to eat.
  3. Mom, why we have come here and why so many people have come too? Where are we going? Why Dad hasn’t come with us today? A naive kid answers all questions of the people in the queue, while vesting out his curiosity.
  4. I should have told my office about a leave as already an hour has passed.
  5. I should have carried multiple cards.

There were so many stories at ATMs to share. Unlike banks, lesser number of people use cards and queues here speak volumes about the issues people have been facing due to currency crunch.

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