Democracy can’t survive without an independent Judiciary : Chelameswar

Justice Chelameswar
Justice Chelameswar, File Photo

New Delhi, June 23: Jasti Chelameswar, who acted in an unprecedented manner to assert the independence of Judiciary, has retired as a Supreme Court judge on Friday and said he believe  that without an “independent judiciary, no democracy can survive.”

Chelameswar said the purpose of calling the unprecedented press conference on January 12 was to keep the nation informed about the governmental interference in Judiciary and also reproached the Central government for stalling judicial appointments.

Jasti Chelameswar and three other senior most Judges held an unprecedented press conference on January 12, airing grievances over the way Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra was allocating cases and administering the court.

Justice Jasti Chelameswar has nor regret for his actions and said,”I believe that without an independent judiciary, no democracy can survive and the judges had tried to set things right and when nothing worked, decided to inform the nation, ”media reports.

“Being a democrat I acted according to the dictates of my conscience and it is for the civil society and future generations to decide whether I was right in my belief and action,” he added.

Chelamesawar claimed that after the press conference some of his colleagues and peers became very formal with him and said, ” I incurred the wrath of ‘one crore-a-day lawyer’. What have we gained out of it?.”

” “one of the honourable ministers wrote something about what all wrong things the previous government did, and therefore how right the present government is in some of the actions in dealing with the judiciary. The logic baffles me,” English Daily quoted Chelameswar as saying

OHe claimed that government intends to assert control over the judiciary and “it is not a desirable state of affairs” and agreed that the current process of appointing judges isn’t “fair, rational and transparent”.

In September, 2016, he wrote to the then Chief Justice of India, TS Thakur, expressing his “dissent at the non-transparent manner” in which it was working, but as he says, “nothing much has changed since then”.

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