Delhi’s ‘Outcome Budget’ to inject accountability: Sisodia


New Delhi, March 8 

In a departure from traditional outlay-oriented Budget, the Delhi government will make its 2017-18 Budget an “Outcome Budget” to inject openness and accountability in public spending, Finance Minister Manish Sisodia said on Wednesday.

The Outcome Budget will be made public on March 31 and prove to be a milestone, Sisodia said in his speech presenting the Budget in the assembly here. He said it will serve as a contract between city residents and their elected government.

“Delhi will become the first state in India to adopt this budgeting,” the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader said.

Sisodia said the Outcome Budget will not only focus on accountability vis-a-vis utilisation of allotted funds but also monitor how many people benefited from the government’s decisions.

The Outcome Budget comprises scheme- or project-wise outlays for all departments and these will listed against their measurable outcomes.

“For example, if Rs 20 lakh is spent to build a Mohalla Clinic and we monitor if the building has been constructed or not, this is budget accountability.”

“But through the Outcome Budget, we will also monitor how many people benefitted after the building was constructed. This will be its outcome, which will then be monitored every quarter,” Sisodia said.

He said a comprehensive exercise was carried out in the last few months by each Delhi department with every major government programme mapped against tangible outputs.

“Departments (have) set their targets and the government will provide them funds to achieve those targets.”

The AAP leader said the biggest beneficiary of this exercise will be the people of Delhi as they will come to know how their hard-earned money is spent.


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