Delhi’s ‘lady don’ Basheeran aka ‘mummy’, Wanted in 113 Crimes, arrested

New Delhi, Aug 18 : The Delhi Police arrested Basheeran alias ‘Mummy’, a dreaded gangster , wanted in 113 criminal cases, from Sangam Vihar on Saturday. A native of Rajasthan, Basheeran, the Lady Don moved to the national Capital in early 1980s, started selling illicit liquor in south Delhi’s Sangam Vihar and then became as a queen-pin of criminal activities in the Capital and also included her eight sons in the Gang, as they called her “Mummy”.

DCP South Romil Baniya said, ’62 year old Basheeran alias ‘Mummy’ was active in crime world for past 16 years and committed several crimes with help of her 8 sons in past 9 years’ .

 Police have also accused her of running water mafia in Sangam Vihar, one of the country’s largest unauthorized colonies, where she used to sell water drawn through illegal borewells.

Basiran was arrested on a tip-off from Sangam Vihar when she was there to meet her family. She was on the run for the past eight months in a case and was declared a Proclaimed Offender in May.

She has cases of extortion, robbery, and selling illicit liquor registered against her in many police stations.

Her eight sons too are involved in criminal activity along with her, ranging from murder, contract killing, land- grabbing,robbery, bootlegging and even black-marketing of water. 42 cases are lodged against her son Shamim, 15 against Shakeel, 13 against Vakil, 9 against Faizal, 9 against Sunny, 2 against Salman and the juvenile son has 11 cases lodged against him. Out of all these cases, 7 are lodged under charges of murder and 3 for the attempt to murder.Basheeran was also wanted in connection with the murder of a man named Miraj on September 17, 2017.

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