Delhi lawyers seek exemption from odd-even rule


New Delhi, Dec 16 : Delhi’s lawyers on Wednesday wrote to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal requesting him to exempt advocates from the city government’s odd-even vehicle restriction plan.

The coordination committee of all district court bar associations, in its letter to Kejriwal, said that the odd-even traffic restriction plan will severely affect litigants and the public having cases in the different district courts, tribunals, forums and commissions due to non-appearance of lawyers on time.

“The six different courts, various tribunals, judicial forums and commissions are located in different parts of the city far away from one another,” the letter said.

It said the odd-even plan will thus create undue suffering for the common man from the judicial delivery system.

In its bid to battle pollution, the Delhi government decided that private vehicles with odd and even registration numbers will ply on odd and even dates from January 1.

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