Delhi Health crisis may worsen as DBC to go on strike


Delhi, 20 September: The situation in Delhi reeling under the epidemic of Chikungunya and dengue can be more worsening as the Domestic Breeding Checkers is planning to protest from September 29.

Domestic Breeding Checkers are daily wage municipal workers who visit houses to check if coolers, overhead tanks and flower pots have stagnant water that could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying the dengue or malaria virus. If in case a larvae is detected, a notice is given to the resident directing them to get rid of the stagnant water. If the problem continues on a second visit, a challan is issued. Many DBCs also carry out fogging in colonies.

The civic body says it will hire new staff to add to the health crisis in Delhi. The workers said that the decision to strike was taken as their long-standing demands of regularisation and medical facilities haven’t been met.

More than 1,350 Domestic Breeding Checkers (DBC) with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) are planning to go on strike from September 29.

A protest outside the Civic Centre will be staged on September 29 and no work will be done from then. A letter in this regard has been sent to the South Delhi Mayor, Commissioner and other office bearers.

However, Leader of the House, Subash Arya said media that if anyone tries to ‘blackmail’ them, then they will hire new workers. “We haven’t received any notice from the DBCs.

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